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Estrogen causes a growth of breast tissue, and birth control pills contain estrogen; will going on birth control result in larger breasts? Get the facts here.

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I've been really wanting bigger breasts and I was thinking about going on birth control to get them. They contain estrogen, right? So they should make my breasts bigger?


It’s not unfounded to think that taking birth control would result in growing larger breasts. Unfortunately, birth control has so many side effects that it would be a huge misstep to take birth control solely for the purpose of bigger breasts.

Ironically, many women report that their breasts do not increase when on birth control, while it is common for birth control users to put on weight in other places. Let’s talk about birth control: what everyone knows and the things you never hear.

What They Do Tell You

Oral contraceptives are commonly composed of two synthetic hormones: estrogen, and progestin (a synthetic progesterone). The mechanism of these hormones is this: estrogen tricks your body into stopping ovulation, whilst the progestin tells your pituitary gland not to release the egg from the ovary, makes your uterus a wasteland, so that if an egg does make it down the chute it starves, and thickens the mucus barrier around your cervix to stop more sperm from reaching the egg.

It sounds rough, but it’s 99% effective, and considered better than the alternative (a baby). However, many women begin taking The Pill without a full understanding of what else happens when you add extra hormones to a closed system.

What They Don’t Tell You

You’ve probably heard that common side effects of going on birth control include weight gain, acne, mood swings, depression, anxiety, and nausea. I bet you didn’t know a significant number of women taking birth control being to experience decreased sex drive and a loss of sexual pleasure. It seems pretty unfair that women begin taking birth control to worry less about the outcome of their sexual encounters, and then wind up not wanting sex in the first place.

Not only that, but as hormone levels fluctuate you might experience symptoms of low estrogen, even though you’re taking in extra estrogen already! Some of these signs are vaginal dryness, not finding pleasure in vaginal intercourse, and weakening of your pelvic muscles (which include the ones that keep your urethra closed, stopping your urine flow).

Birth control users also show a marked decrease in oxytocin compared to female control groups; oxytocin is what enables you to experience orgasm!

Health Above All

The fine print in the birth control pamphlet warns of an increased risk of breast cancer (because of the potential for estrogen to cause breast tissue growth) as well as blood clots, which can lead to aneurysm and stroke.

So to conclude: no, I would not recommend taking birth control as a way to increase your bust line. However, there are ways to take in more estrogen that doesn’t rely on synthesized hormones. Estrogen is a good hormone for women, so long as it isn’t in excess. Many plants contain phytoestrogens, compounds that act as estrogen in the body but are more natural to take in than synthesized hormones.

You can find these phytoestrogens in flax seed, all soy derived products, beans, and legumes. Adding some flax seed oil to your morning oatmeal, or taking soymilk with your coffee and cereal could give you the estrogen boost you’re looking for, without making so many other health compromises.

Besides that, consider an herbal formula created to introduce rich phytoestrogen (SEE: Natural Ways For Bigger Breast Growth) and bosom-beneficial plants to your body increase the size and firmness of your breasts. Good luck!

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