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It Hurts So Good - My Ex's Size Put Porn Star To Shame

Woman had great experience with largely endowed male partner. However, she eventually began experiencing pain near her uterus. After some time, the pain began to intensify, and even now, years later, she still experiences vaginal pains. What is the cause?

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My ex boyfriend was huge. He used to brag all the time about the size of his penis. And then I saw it. The sheer size of it put porn stars to shame. It looked like a jumbo-sized hot dog, minus the bun and condiments. And when we had sex, I often feared his size. He had to go slow while I was on top because he tended to cause me pain, and even while I was on the bottom, I still felt a bit of pain. Still, I loved how easily he made me orgasm, but one day, I started to experience intense pain near my uterus.

After a few months, I noticed my pain near my uterus intensify. It got so bad that I avoided sex. Now, a few years after our breakup, I continue to experience vaginal pains. What could be my problem?


This is a bit of a tricky question, and I think the first thing to do is to have yourself checked out by a gynecologist. Even if you don’t have insurance, at least go to a Planned Parenthood. Continual vaginal and uterine pain is nothing to sneeze at, and although the problem probably isn’t anything major, you should still be fully looked over by a professional. The reason this question is difficult is because there are any number of reasons you could be experiencing pelvic pain. You stated in your entry that originally the pain was near your uterus, egg, your cervix, yet later you comment that you’re having vaginal pains. I’ll go through some of the potential causes for your pain, but you should still definitely see a doctor.

He Was Just Too Big

It could be that because your partner was so large, he irritated your cervix, causing it to build up scar tissue and become very sensitive. If you’ve ever had a Pap smear, or had an IUD put in, you know what I’m talking about. Cervices can be so tender that sex becomes unbearable. That kind of scar tissue buildup could have caused an overload of prostaglandin E2 hormones—a kind of stress hormone that occurs at the site of injury—which now continues to create a bruise-like area near your cervix. To fix this, you should begin taking aspirin whenever you feel the deep pain, as aspirin helps diminish the prostaglandin reaction. You wouldn’t hurt from beginning a detoxifying herbal course either, to flush out the remaining irritants.

Ouch, Endometriosis!

The problem you’re discussing, however, sounds an awful lot like endometriosis. Endometriosis occurs when uterine tissue grows outside the uterus—ending up around the ovaries, bowels or genitals. This tissue builds up and breaks down, just like your uterine tissue does, every month. Usually women with endometriosis have much worse periods than other women, both in terms of pain and menstruation. Not only that, but the excess tissue can make sex painful, and can cause chronic pain just about any time. It’s not really a dangerous condition, just a painful one, and it can arise seemingly out of nowhere, so it’s a good thing to talk to your doctor about your pains.

Tipped Over

You might be suffering from a tipped uterus. Did you experience pain more in certain positions than in others? It’s common for women suffering from a tipped uterus to prefer sex in face-to-face positions, as, with their uterus pointing towards the rear, rear-entry positions are more painful. Many women go through life without being aware of the state of their uterus, and only noticing when sex begins to hurt. However, women with tilted uteruses usually don’t feel pain when not having sex or menstruating, so it seems unlikely that this is your problem. But it is a possibility.

What To Do Now

Go see a gynecologist. It’s not good to experience chronic pain in your pelvis, and the cause could be quite dire: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Chlamydia, etc. Until you get the problem figured out, I recommend a natural tincture designed to reduce inflammation, clean the blood, and strengthen the immune system. (TRY: Tincture for Pain from Tipped Uterus) By invigorating your immune system and reducing any kind of bodily stress reaction, you might remove the problem altogether. I hope you feel better soon!

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