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Early Masturbation Has Ruined My Sex Life

Learn how a young lady, well-versed in the language of 'self-love' cannot seem to feel anything when it comes to tandem love-making.

Case #: 1373


When I turned fourteen, my parents shipped me away to boarding school. When I arrived, the older aberrant girls instilled some UN-lady-like qualities in me. I picked up smoking and masturbating. I bought a vibrator at the age of sixteen and I still kept it to this day. When you’re seventeen, with no cute boys in sight, your mind wanders and daydreams. Sometimes those dreams get me aroused, so I masturbate. Now that I have a boyfriend, we’ve been having sex. But I’ve not really enjoyed it. Mostly because I cannot feel anything. Why is that?


As a woman who also discovered her body at a young age, I can sympathize completely with your situation. I too, began masturbating very early on in life and when it finally came time to actually have sex with someone other than myself, I wasn't able to orgasm. I know firsthand how frustrating and confusing it is to know how to give yourself an orgasm, but your significant other can't no matter how hard they try.

Flower In Bloom

The problem stems from the over-active use of your vibrator. It's true what they say, there really is such a notion of too much of a good thing. Regular, long term vibrator play can lead to damaging of the vaginal, clitoral, and even the cervical lining of the female form. This type of abrasion will present itself as scarring and swelling in the clitoral area, which creates desensitization throughout the vagina.

Furthering The Harm

If, for some unlucky reason; you had lost sensation in your clitoris and vagina, and you were to continue excessively using your vibrator, there could be some very serious problems ahead. When a woman over stimulates her neuro-endocrine system, it sets off a regular rising increase of stress hormones such as dopamine, prolactin, and epinephrine. As you may have already guessed, an elevation in these specific hormones is most definitely unwanted. When these stress levels increase, they can have harmful effects on the reproductive organs and can cause sexual exhaustion.

A Hormonal Imbalance

The pituitary and ovarian functions are highly significant to the body in many aspects. If their functional purpose is ever interrupted, a toxic domino effect will occur throughout the body. A developing condition such as this will cause inflammation of the arteries, prevent proper blood flow to the brain, and raise blood pressure to an all time high.

Avoid The Trouble

Fortunately, there is an easy way to begin reversing the affects your vibrator usage has caused. I would suggest if you haven't done so already, to stop using your vibrator before it does cause you some sever damage. Continued use of it will only have adverse affects on your sex life at this point. I would also recommend using a natural remedy that includes herbs such as Mexican Wild Yam, Maca, and Pyrola. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Sensitivity Restoration) These will help to increase circulation and blood flow to the clitoris and vagina, which is crucial to sensitivity in these areas. The herbal formula will also help repair any damaged nerve endings in the clitoris, and regulate the correct production of DHEA.

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