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50 Years Old Woman Can't Orgasm Without A Vibrator

Menopausal woman was using a vibrator, but stopped, worrying about damage. Now, she cannot orgasm with or without it. She wants to orgasm, and feels arousal, but there is just no sensation. What can she do?

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I have been reading your web site with interest. I am 50 years old. I have not had my period now for over a year. I have also not had an orgasm without the use of a vibrator for probably that long. We have stopped using the vibrator because I felt that might be making matters worse. According to what I have read on your website, that is true. It seems as though there is no feeling there. I feel turned on sometimes and want to come so bad, but the feeling is just not there. Thanks for any help you can offer.


My first question is: are you using any hormone replacement therapy? In many menopausal women, the key to a happy sex life is keeping up their sex hormones. I suggest having your hormone levels tested, then talking to your doctor about potentially beginning some kind of hormone replacement therapy. For some women, it’s enough to topically replace estrogen levels in the vagina and vulva.

This restores the thickness, lubrication, and tone that you’ve been used to. However, some women need a more all-around hormonal resurgence, and choose to begin taking birth control, or some other hormonal supplement. The second half of your issue might be related to relying on a vibrator for so long. We can discuss how to deal with that problem, too.

It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones

As you know, menopause causes a decrease in estrogen, progesterone, and, to a lesser degree, testosterone as well. However, I do not believe you are suffering from a complete diminishment of hormones, because you still cite arousal and desire amongst your symptoms. If you were too low in testosterone, you would not be interested in sex or orgasm. It is more likely that only your estrogen and progesterone levels are low, which is very treatable.

There is a two-fold reason why estrogen and progesterone are so important to female sexual health. The first reason is that they chemically exist to keep the vagina ready for sex, and the uterus and pelvic muscles toned and ready to procreate. So the loss of these hormones is really a hard one for your vagina and surrounding areas, as the tissues tend to become more fragile, the muscles begin to atrophy, and the vagina loses its lubrication.

But even besides simple physical upkeep, the physiological presence of these hormones in the body keeps in check other hormones that also need to occur, or need to not occur, in order to have a pleasant sexual experience.

Prolactin levels rise when estrogen levels fall, and prolactin serves to dull sensation and pleasure throughout the entire genital area. Without estrogen present to control the sweep of prolactin, it can build until sensation is completely diminished, along with sex drive and arousal. It is important to begin reintroducing estrogen and progesterone into the body, even if only topically, to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Vibration Stagnation

It was a good idea to stop using your vibrator; if you’ve been doing some reading on our site, you’ve noticed that chronic vibrator use can result in a buildup of the prostaglandin E2, which creates scar tissue, and causes pain and swelling at the site of stimulation. If you haven’t used your vibrator in a year, the scar tissue should have begun to diminish by now. It might be that you do not have the proper circulation necessary to heal the clitoral area.

The Clit Kit
Without proper circulation, that is, if the blood vessels of the clitoral area have not been cleared of scar tissue obstruction, nitric oxide cannot reach the clitoris. Without nitric oxide, the full clitoral arousal cannot take place. You might benefit from beginning a course of treatment formulated to remove buildup and strengthen and rejuvenate clitoral response.

The ingredients from herbal remedy (SEE: natural clitoral revitalization formula) I would recommend features herbs that are used both for their cleansing and rejuvenating properties, as well as for their ability to give a slight hormonal boost to the user. It is designed to help filter the harmful prostaglandins out, while administering soothing, beneficial elements to the damaged nerves and tissues.

I’m sure that by increasing circulation, cleansing your body, and increasing your estrogen levels, your clitoris will revive its sensation, and you will no longer need to use a vibrator for orgasm.

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