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When Pills Are Off - Sex Drive In High Gear & Oily Skin

Woman has been on oral contraceptives for years. While taking birth control, she has lovely, clear skin. However, when she goes off the hormones, her skin flares up. What can be done to ensure her skin is beautiful on and off the pill?

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My wife has been on contraceptives for 10 years. She has tried to stop, and when she does, her skin gets oily and she gets acne around her body. Begin off the pill makes her libido much higher, but she risks getting body acne. Do you have suggestions for high libido and soft skin?


When I went off of birth control, I had the exact same problem! However, it’s only a temporary issue. As your body processes and realigns its hormones, the body will expel the accumulated buildup any way it can.

As your skin serves as the largest area for which toxins can be filtered, all the toxins get pushed up to the surface, resulting in acne outbreaks. Luckily, there are ways to make the filtration and realignment period more efficient.

Water, Water, Everywhere

The skin is essentially a giant lung, exhaling unwanted sweat-soluble toxins through the pores. Without proper maintenance, this external lung can become blistered by the presence of foreign matter and expelled contaminants.

To fight acne and to promote a healthy lifestyle, drink water and plenty of it. 6-8 glasses per day, or half of your body weight in ounces. Without enough water, the liver and kidneys experience excess stress, also the unhealthily concentrations of irritating solutes in your dermis causes acne. By adding H20 into your body, the body can easily filter all the hormones and byproducts left over from months and years of birth control. Water also allows your skin to push the noxious chemicals through to the epidermis, resulting in less acne.

Work It Out

You can speed up this process by sweating regularly, then showering. Exercise causes the muscles and tissues to release the miasma of byproducts that have been stored. Sweat increases circulation throughout the body, making it a great way to both extract the hormones from your body and your skin. You can also try other “sweaty” pastimes—saunas and sex—so long as your remember to rinse afterward.

A detoxifying bath is another way to soak away toxins—it pampers the skin and opens pores to facilitate cleansing. A good homemade bath solution is equal parts baking soda and Epsom salts, added to the bath with a few drops of lavender and chamomile essential oils. The baking soda is skin-soothing and gently cleansing; the Epsom salts have a drawing effect; the lavender is calming and anti-bacterial; and the chamomile is anti-inflammatory.

Supplement Your Skin

It’s just as important to remember to take skin-supportive ingredients. I recommend beginning an herbal course (see Botanical Formula to Detoxify & Intensify Orgasms) designed to cleanse the effects of birth control. By taking chemicals designed to flush the body of irritants, while supporting a healthy immune system, I think you’ll find acne outbreaks short-lived. Once past the crucial detoxification stage, the skin will return to its happy, healthy glow. I’m sure you’ll see good results soon!

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