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Her Boyfriend Won’t Have Sex Because a Tipped Uterus Makes Her Cry in Pain

She has a tipped uterus and engaged in sex for the first time. Despite searing pain, she engaged again and again with hopes the pain would eventually reside. She was wrong, and now her screams and tears have deterred her boyfriend from further attempts.

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I was born with a tipped uterus. Until recently, I never before had sex. I heard the stories that it would hurt, but never did I imagine the pain would be as bad as it was. I screamed. I cried. And yes, I bled – a lot. I had sex again, thinking the first time was just a fluke. Wrong. It still hurt like hell. I’ve tried multiple times with the same results. Even my boyfriend refuses to have sex with me because he remains fearful he will cause me pain. Could my tipped uterus be to blame for my pain?


The short answer to your question is yes, your tipped uterus is responsible for the pain you experience during intercourse. It seems unlikely that a simple tilt in this organ could make sex so unbearable, but it’s true. And you’re not alone – enough women experience pain during intercourse that this condition has a medical name: dyspareunia.

Understanding your pain can help you prevent it. You also need to open the lines of communication with your boyfriend so your relationship isn’t further strained. Pain during sex is not just a physical problem; it negatively impacts emotions, meaning your desire will start to wane even as your self-confidence declines.

What is a Tipped Uterus?

The uterus is the womb and resembles an upside-down pear. It is the approximate size of your fist and sits above the vagina, an organ to which it is connected by the cervix. From a side view, the uterus and vagina form the letter P because the uterus leans slightly forward. This positioning is one of the reasons why menstrual cramps are felt so prolifically in the front of a woman’s pelvic region.

A tipped uterus leans backward rather than forward. It points to the rear end, not the stomach, and more closely forms the letter Q with the vagina. Women with a tipped uterus tend to experience menstrual discomfort in their backs. They also often find sexual intercourse to be uncomfortable, and some like yourself experience outright pain.

Discomfort during Sex

Few women think about their uterus as it relates to sex, but this organ plays a crucial role in feeling pleasure. Numerous nerves connect the uterus to both the vagina and clitoris. That network enables healthy sexual responses and, with a series of arteries and veins, promotes female orgasms. The uterus rapidly contracts during orgasm and encourages a sense of waves washing over the body.

Just as it endorses pleasure, this organ can also foster pain. A tipped uterus shortens the length of the vagina and diminishes the space in which a penis can move during intercourse. The end result is bumping, in which the penis hits the cervix and/or uterus and causes pain. That pain doesn’t happen just once; repeated bumping causes repeated discomfort.

Your State of Mind

Once you experience pain during sex, it’s normal to associate the two in your mind. You start to tense and worry with each moment of intimacy until pain is all you think about. But sex can and does bring pleasure; the key is to relax and find ways to enjoy intercourse.

Masturbation is one way to experience satisfaction and also change how you perceive sex. This process starts and ends with you, thereby negating any pressure you feel to please your boyfriend. You can masturbate by yourself, when and where you’re comfortable, and simply explore your body until intercourse no longer seems so daunting.

Exploring Your Options

It’s important that you and your boyfriend not give up. Many women with a tipped uterus find that one sexual position brings more pleasure than another. Doggie style can be more painful because it encourages deep penetration, whereas the missionary position means less penetration and more satisfaction for you.

Taking a specially-blended herbal formula is another step in reducing sexual discomfort. (SEE: Herbal Relief For Intercourse Pain) Herbs can restore balance to the body in terms of hormones and tissue health. They can also improve sensitivity in the clitoris and vagina while reducing pain in the uterus. For you, such a formula means positive responses during intercourse and relief from pain.

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