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Honey...Am I Squirting On You?

Woman on top position results in dripping discharge, with average penis length and without extensive foreplay.

Case #: 447


I don't have a "problem" per se. I have been dating a man for five weeks now, and the strangest thing is happening. Whenever I am on top, fluids literally start dripping down my thighs and all over him. Is this some sort of female ejaculation?

His penis is of average size, and there isn't much foreplay, so I am really confused. I just split up with a man after more than 3 years who had an enormous penis, and I had a really hard time having an orgasm with him unless it was orally. With this new boyfriend, as soon as he enters me, if I am on top, I get a rush that goes up my back and culminates on the tops of my shoulders. I can feel the hair rise on my arms! I have had a lot of really awesome lovers, but I have never had liquid squirt out of me like that. What in the heck is going on here? I hope you can help.


Unless you are undergoing orgasm when you notice the excessive wetness, you are not experiencing female ejaculation. Judging by your description, it sounds like you’re producing large amounts of vaginal lubrication because your partner “fits” you so much better than your last.

Bigger is not always better! However, it’s also possible that your hormone levels are fluctuating, which can also cause an increase in vaginal lubrication. Female vaginal lubrication differs from woman to woman, and is also impacted by a number of outside sources such as diet, exercise, arousal levels, and hormones.

I’ve Heard of a Self-Cleaning Oven, but…
The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, which means it’s natural to experience discharge. As long as the discharge is not overly strong-scented, chunky, or a color you’ve never seen in your panties before, it’s nothing to worry about. It might be brown or dark red either pre- or post-menstruation, it might be white or clear, thick or thin; hormone levels have a distinct impact on vaginal secretions, and as estrogen levels raise and lower, the style and type of discharge changes.

The vagina increases discharge when it’s irritated by something, such as tampons, sex toys, sand, etc. much as your nose gets runny when there’s pollen present. The excess lubrication is serving as a protective measure against abrasive items, chemicals, and bacteria.

Birth Control Blues
A common cause of vaginal lubrication changes is birth control. The form of birth control known as The Pill works through two hormonal mechanisms: estrogen, and progesterone.

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for vaginal lubrication—that’s why women going through menopause commonly have to take hormone replacement therapy to continue having enjoyable sex. If you’ve recently begun a new course of birth control, increased estrogen levels in your body can cause an overflow of lubrication. It’s not unnatural, and is nothing to be concerned with.

However, raised estrogen levels can also cause weight gain, moodiness, and emotional neediness, among others, so if you’re already experiencing one side effect, you might want to keep an eye out for others that may occur.

Downsize Discharge
To prevent excess discharge, first remove potential irritants, then promote a healthy vaginal environment. Reduce vaginal irritants by not using scented pads, tampons, or deodorizing washes on your vagina, not douching daily, and cleaning all sex toys with antibacterial soap before and after use.

Create a vagina-friendly zone by wearing cotton panties as much as possible, or underwear with an all-cotton crotch, and sleeping in loose fitting bottoms, to promote airflow. You may also return vaginal secretion normal levels to normal by implementing an herbal tonic. Choose one designed to regulate hormonal levels and promote circulation.

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