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Alcohol, Marijuana and Masturbation Effects Combine so that Orgasm Now Eludes Her

After years of masturbating, she’s had plenty of clitoral orgasms but never a vaginal orgasm. Part of the problem is her over-indulgence, which has damaged her clitoris and altered her perception of sex. But the other culprits are drug and alcohol abuse; both are taking away from her libido and impeding her ability to climax.

Case #: 1315


I started masturbating at nine years old with a water stream and back massagers. In my teen years, I started rubbing my finger over my clitoris two to three times per week. I did this for many years and always had clitoral orgasms but never vaginal orgasms. I also used to chronically smoke pot and drink alcohol but stopped about six months ago.


Sexual satisfaction eludes many women, especially when it comes to intercourse. Some worry about their bodies, while others feel guilty because of their inherent sexual beliefs. But everyone deserves to feel good in the bedroom, and orgasm yields health benefits that cannot be ignored. This is why it’s so important for females to understand orgasm difficulty and learn the give and take components of intercourse.

Masturbation is the antidote to many sexual obstacles. It allows a woman to explore her own body without discomfort or fear. Later, when she is with a partner, she can share her sexual knowledge and experience.

When Masturbation Crosses the Line

Self-pleasure, however, can turn from self-love and discovery to wanton desire. This means a woman doesn’t take the time to find what turns her on and slowly reach climax. She instead goes straight for the goal, which is to cum and then get on with her daily routine.

Nothing is necessarily wrong with this quest for pleasure. But it can cause excessive masturbation, which poses troubling implications for physical health. Clitoral nerves can be desensitized after a woman repeatedly stimulates herself with a vibrator, her fingers or other device. Because the nerves aren’t sending the right messages to the brain, climax becomes virtually impossible. Sexual satisfaction is similarly stifled, and various techniques combined with every toy imaginable won’t bring orgasm.

You mentioned you’ve masturbated and enjoyed clitoral orgasms since a young age. It’s important to understand the effects of this activity on your body because over-masturbation is contributing to your difficulty reaching climax. Nerves of the clitoris and vagina nearly touch each other in numerous locations of the body. The damage to your clitoris will therefore prevent you from having any type of orgasm.

Harmful Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Many women wrongly believe the mind-altering effects of drugs and alcohol will improve their sexual experiences. In reality, pot depresses the body so that thoughts and reactions are slowed. Effects on the vagina are pronounced: pot inhibits natural lubrication to make intercourse difficult if not impossible. It also suppresses libido so that, once high, sex holds no appeal.

Alcohol abuse creates problems like those of pot, but the effects are longer-lasting. It shuts down desire and causes painful sex on two different levels: alcohol reduces estrogen production and subsequently causes vaginal walls to dry and shrink; it also causes vaginal muscles to spasm so that intercourse is quite uncomfortable.

The Right Frame of Mind

Having sex while sober, especially after years of masturbating, is a different experience altogether. To ensure you enjoy it, you must let go of previous expectations. Don’t expect an instant orgasm, but rather one that evolves from slow and steady stimulation. Also make sure you and your partner enjoy plenty of foreplay before sex; this will help get you in the mood and set the pace for lots of fun between the sheets.

Feel the Pleasure of Release

To ensure your orgasms exceed anything you’ve known before, a botanical formula will detox your body and amp up your pleasure. Drugs and alcohol accumulate in the body and interfere with liver function and sexual responses. When added to the damage caused by over-masturbation, it’s no wonder your body needs to detox. But a formula with such ingredients as Mulberry and Bupleurum will expel toxins and rejuvenate vaginal tissue. (TRY: Intensified & Detoxification Herbal Formula for Orgasms) You will enjoy deep satisfaction each time you have sex, without lingering fondness for your days of self-pleasure.

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