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My Clitoris Is In Serious Pain

Learn how a woman's overly active vibrator has caused her some serious grief.
Case #: 959

Hi I am being treated for pudendal neuralgia of the clitoral dorsal nerve. It began from using a vibrator too much. My nerve got inflamed so I am getting nerve block to relieve inflammation which has made a huge difference. I am about 75-80% better. I had severe pain that almost made me want shoot myself. It was shooting burning pains. I have major urinary frequency. It has gone away on one side of the nerve from the shots but not the other my nerve endings still get achy. I cannot have sex which really sucks. I was wondering if anything else can help the inflammation go down faster. Thank you.

Honestly, I love my vibrator just as much as the next girl, it can give you the most amazing orgasms that just don't seem to end. However, there is such a notion as too much of a good thing when it comes to masturbatory play.
Vibrator Damage

Abusive use of a vibrator may severely damage the linings of the vagina cervix, and clitoris. When the lining of these areas are damaged, it can cause scarring and swelling. This type of inflammation can lead to the over stimulation and growth of the nerves set at the opening of the vagina, also referred to as the vestibule. The lightest of touches can replicate the sensation of burning, stabbing or cutting when there are too many nerve endings.
Over use of any common vibrator can cause the neuro- endocrine systems to become overly stimulated. This will trigger the production of different stress hormones that will cause the nerves to swell in size. When the genital areas are constantly being stimulated, it may induce a regular elevation of prolactin, which will deplete the body of dopamine, and cause more epinephrine to be produced. This type of hormonal imbalance disrupts the everyday pituitary-ovarian functions and may result in other sexual exhaustion symptoms.
Hormonal Levels

A hormonal imbalance can play the key part in over stimulation. If, for instance, the testosterone and DHEA levels become too low the body will not be able to actually power an orgasm. Climax will essentially become nil-in-void. Over-stimulation in any form drains us of bioelectric energy. This will eventually result in intermittent pain and numbness of the clitoris and G-spot.
How To Fix

Luckily, there are some great herbs out there that can help reduce the inflammation of nerves, and heal these disturbed neuroendocrine functions. Natural herbs such as Turkey Rhubarb, Muira Puama and Catatuba are great for revealing intercourse pain and reinstating the balance between neurotransmitters and growth factors that are essential to tissue rejuvenation. (SEE: Vaginal Detoxification & Regeneration Formula) The turkey rhubarb and catatuba will also improve blood circulation and act as an anti-inflammatory agent to help lessen the pain of vibrator abrasions.
I would also strongly suggest not using your vibrator for at least six months. This will give your clitoris the proper amount of time to heal with the help of the herbs. Any additional stress put on the clitoris or vagina at this time will only set back the healing process and further the amount of healing time. I do understand how frustrating this may be, however if you give your body the proper attention and ample time to heal itself, you should be able to enter back into your sex life with full force.

What to do

VRD Formula III - Vaginal Regeneration & Detoxification Formula For Intercourse Pain

Abusing a vibrator can trigger chronic elevation of prolactin, dopamine-norepinephrine or epinephrine conversion, leading to pituitary-ovarian functional disorders and sexual exhaustion symptoms. Vibrator abuse can accelerate aging of the vagina,...

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