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The Uterus is a No, No When It Comes to Sex

Is it physically possible for the penis to enter the uterus(womb); even if just slightly? Also, I have seen references to “vaginal tenting” in you articles, but can’t see to locate the definition.

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I am truly enjoying your most comprehensive site. My question is: Is it physically possible for the penis to enter the uterus (womb), even if just slightly? Also, I have seen references to "vaginal tenting" in your articles but can't see to locate the direct definition.


No! Mother Nature protects the vaginal lining. The cervix opening is too small and becomes semi-closed as the vagina expands upward. This is “Vaginal tenting”, when the vagina is expanded, like a tent, to push the uterus up when women reach the pre-orgasm state fueled by testosterone burning & converting into DHT.

This is the same effect that powers the penis - the further expansion of the spongy tissues and the contractile fibers. In women, the force between vaginal tenting also moves the cervix opening from the vaginal axis shifting the forehead of the penis to touch the front portion of the cervix. Constant thrusting Orgasmic Epicenter (front portion of the cervix) would stimulate the pituitary to release a burst of the orgasm hormones, such as Oxytocin to initiate the uterine contraction and other sexual responses.

If the penis were to get into the uterus, the uterine lining would be damaged, resulting in uterine bleeding or infection. The uterine lining changes in response to the menstrual cycle. If your lover are having heavy vaginal blood clot secreted, try douching lightly with herbal concentrate extracts.

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