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Itchy, Itchy, Why Am I So Itchy?

Female is experiencing horrible itches coming from her vagina and vulva. She is a virgin, and is not experiencing discharge. What, then, is the cause of her itchiness, and what can she do about it?

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I’ve been assailed by annoying itches. The itches I experience make me squirm, but the worst part about these itches is that I cannot scratch them in public. No, see, these itches attack me in my sacred garden, and not on just the outside, but on the inside. I do not know where the itch has originated from because I have not had sex nor do I experience any signs of vaginal discharge. What could be the problem?


I completely understand the sensation of being itchy and not being able to scratch. It sounds to me like you’ve got a yeast infection. Yeast infections have nothing to do with sexual intercourse—they can happen to anyone, man or woman, at almost any time. Young girls can get them, and it’s actually a very common part of womanhood, so it’s nothing you need to stress about.

Don’t Surrender!

Yeast infections occur when the natural bacteria of the vagina are overcome by some invasive other microorganism. Your vagina’s natural bacteria produce an acidic byproduct; this is usually enough to prevent the colonization of other bacteria. However, occasionally your body becomes overcome anyways! Why does this happen at some times and not others? It has to do with a lot of things.

What Causes Bacterial Growth?

In order to survive and flourish in the harsh vaginal environment, the outside bacteria either have to have an amazing food source, or some kind of pH neutralizer present. For sexually active women, it’s possible that the alkaloids in the prostatic fluid in semen can neutralize the acidic quality of the vagina, thereby allowing the growth of other bacteria. For many women, the change in their hormones throughout the month creates an increase in cervical mucus, which both protects and feeds the bacteria.

Some women, such as diabetics, or girls like me, who love sugar, have higher levels of glucose in their vaginal secretions. Bacteria love glucose. Have you ever made a swab on an agar plate? The sugar in vaginal secretions is like a chocolate agar plate—the bacterial levels just explode. Then they produce byproducts that irritate your vagina and vulva, and thus the itching begins.

There are many other things bacteria feed off of: fragrances, either in bubble baths, scented douches, scented tampons, pads, et al., lotions, lube, soap. That’s why it’s best to keep your vulval area pretty low-maintenance: water, a little soap, cotton panties—none at night! You want to keep your genitals clean, dry, and well aired-out.

Happy, Healthy, Hungry?

To keep your genitals happy and healthy, you might consider inserting some plain yogurt into your vagina. You can find more information about how to do it online—look for a site run by other girls; they’ll have tips and suggestions as well. It sounds gross and weird, but the bacteria in yogurt are the same that are supposed to be in your vagina (look at yogurt the same way again, I dare you). Plain yogurt contains healthy bacteria for your vagina, and it will quickly quell the itchiness. Ingesting more yogurt generally will keep your vagina happy as well.

For now, I’m recommending that you begin using an herbal tincture designed to detoxify your vagina and reproductive system, as well as to strengthen your immunity against invasive bacteria. (SEE: Herbal Tincture for Itchy Vaginal Relief) This tincture also includes soothing herbs such as licorice, which should begin to calm the irritation immediately. I hope you stop itching soon!

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