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Finding the G-Spot for Her Pleasure

He wants to give sexual pleasure to his new lover but first needs help finding her G-spot. He’s located this area on previous women and doesn’t understand what now impedes him from providing the same stimulation.

Case #: 497


I am having trouble locating and stimulating the G-spot of my current lover. I have not had this problem with other women.


Don’t despair; many women don’t know where their own G-spots are, so you’re not alone in trying to locate your lover’s. The key is to take your time and be romantic – not rushed. You’ll find the elusive “magic button” much more easily if you’re both willing to be patient.

What is the G Spot?

In 1950, Dr. Ernst Grafenberg declared he had found a pleasantly sensitive spot inside the vagina. He described this spot as near the urethra and made it sound deceptively easy to find and to stimulate. But the doctor did not know that even 60 years later, people would still debate the exact location and even existence of this spot.

The G-spot– named with capital G in honor of the doctor--poses a challenge to men and women alike for several reasons. It’s location, for example, varies. The exact purpose of G-spot remains unknown; some speculate it’s a gland, others say it’s the inside wall of the vagina, and still others claim it is the backside of the clitoris. Regardless of definition, every female does have a G-spot – although characteristics like placement and sensitivity differ from each other.

Where is the G-Spot?

The G-spot is located several inches inside the vagina on the front wall. Insert your finger, crook it in a “come here” motion and feel for a spot with slightly rougher texture than the surrounding tissue. Like a penis, this area becomes larger with sexual arousal, so ensure your partner is turned on before you start exploring. But don’t look for an area with a particular circumference or shape; each woman’s G spot varies in size from that of an almond to slightly larger than a quarter.

What You Can Do

Even armed with all of this information, you have no guarantee the G-spot will make itself known to you. Fortunately you can enhance your partner’s sexual pleasure – and stimulate the G-spot – using the Finger Plier Screwing Technique. This draws upon the fact that all female orgasms stem from the clitoris. It uses the first three fingers of your hand to apply pressure to the clitoris, urethra and upper vaginal wall. If you don’t get it right the first time, continue to practice with your partner until your technique is perfected.

You can also increase her pleasure with G-Spot Rejuvenation & Nerve Repair, a blend of herbs shown to support sexual health and libido. With ingredients like American Ginseng and Evening Primrose Oil, this blend increases sensitivity, elevates “feel good” hormones and helps build an intensely satisfying climax. Even better, the natural blend of herbs means you can improve sexual pleasure safely and easily.

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