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Bloating Caused by PMS is Interfering with Her Life

Each month, she suffers from PMS and abdominal bloating. She’s tried antacids and fasting, but both are unhealthy and ineffective remedies.

Case #: 651


Every time I have PMS, I feel like I’ve drunk 10 gallons of water that are stuck in my stomach! The bloating is terrible. I take antacids all the time, but the problem seems to get worse. I’ve tried starving myself and not drinking fluids, but I’m afraid of dehydration. Do you have any solutions?


Abdominal bloating is one of the most common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It is characterized by pain, weight gain and discomfort around the stomach. Like many other women, you relate your bloat to diet, but that’s only part of the problem. Genetics, lifestyle choices and hormonal fluctuations also factor into this symptom.

Your suggestion to forego food and drink is a dangerous one because you need proper nutrition to live. Also, as you suggested, you risk dehydration – a life-threatening condition that can cause your kidneys to fail. Before you decide upon a course of treatment, you need to understand PMS as a whole. This will help you determine the cause of your symptoms and find a solution.

A Note on PMS

PMS is a collection of monthly symptoms that strikes between ovulation and menstruation. These symptoms vary considerably, from fatigue and acne to food cravings and mood swings. Because of its confounding nature, PMS is often the butt of television and comedic jokes, although the women who suffer don’t laugh – the effects of PMS can interfere with daily activities like work, sleep and even watching a movie.

Doctors have officially recognized PMS as a medical condition since 1931, and today it is linked to more than 150 symptoms. Around 80 percent of all women are affected in different ways and to varying degrees. Some women even suffer from clinically significant PMS, a condition marked by severe symptoms and debilitating effects.

Hormones and Fluid Retention

The root cause of abdominal bloating is fluid retention, in turn triggered by hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. Estrogen and progesterone are commonly recognized as the two hormones most effected by PMS. Lesser known hormones also come into play, including aldosterone, which controls the body’s fluid levels.

Higher levels of aldosterone are released about two weeks before the onset of menstruation, probably because of fluctuations in progesterone and estrogen. This hormone then instructs the kidneys to retain sodium in the form of fluid. The physical results are breast tenderness, weight gain, swollen feet and ankles, and – yes – abdominal bloating.

Beat the Bloat

Minimizing stress is one of the key ways to fighting abdominal bloat. It is thought that stress helps trigger the release of aldosterone, but you can reduce stress with techniques like yoga, meditation and regular exercise. Eating low-sodium foods and trading water for soda can also help reduce bloat. And skip the antacids – they may interfere with other drugs and impede your liver and kidney functions.

Another way to manage PMS is with Chinese herbs. The Eight Treasure Worthy & Restorative Herbs Combination Formula is designed specifically to restore hormone imbalances and reduce severe symptoms like cramps, headaches and abdominal bloating.

This formula is rooted in the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which suggests all physical ailments are caused by a blockage in the liver. Eight Treasure works to stabilize the liver and improve blood flow throughout the body, thereby improving overall health.

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