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Birth Control Has Ruined My Libido

Learn how a woman is convinced that her birth control has killed her libido, and how she can bring it back the natural way.
Case #:1377

When I first spoke to my doctor about birth control, I felt safe taking the drugs. I wasn’t too worried about the side effects, but that was my previous thinking. Now that I see how terrible my sex drive is, I cannot help but to blame my birth control for my diminutive desires in the bedroom. Please help me!

Personally, I'm beginning to find some forms of birth control pretty redundant. Mostly because they're supposed to protect us during intercourse from getting pregnant, but what they really end up doing is taking away your libido all together.
The Birth Control Blues

So what's the point of taking a pill to have sex with a clear mind, if you now don't even have the facility to do it in the first place?
How It Works

Birth control might actually be the trickiest drug of them all. Any birth control that is hormone based will mimic a state of being pregnant. It does this by filling a woman's brain with high levels of progesterone or estrogen, essentially tricking your brain into thinking you're pregnant. This will cause your ovarian function to shut down, this will also lead to a considerable increase of progesterone or estrogen to the uterus and cervix. If, for some reason, your liver is failing to detoxify the excessive hormones your birth control is adding to your body, it is very possible to become depressed, experience some sort of orgasmic dysfunction, or a low libido.
You're Not Alone

Many women have been in the same predicament that you are in now. Unfortunately, many of these women are too embarrassed to admit they are not enjoying sex the way they know they should be. Even I, myself, have experienced multiple problems with birth control use. I've been through it all, from menstruation cycles that last close to a month, to losing my sex drive. The pill is a very mercurial entity that cannot be catered or designed for any specific body type. Even after we're prescribed a certain type of contraceptive, our doctors cannot insure us that we won't eventually have an adverse reaction to them.
What You Can Do

Firstly, I would strongly suggest either getting off of your current birth control plan completely and finding a less hormonally intrusive form of contraceptive, or talking with your doctor about getting on a lower dosage of the same pill you are already taking. The next step from there would be to find an herbal remedy that could help to break down those excessive hormones that your birth control has added to your body over time. The best natural solution would be a formula that includes ingredients such as Milk Thistle, Mulberry, and Cnidium. (TRY: Natural Formula For Detoxifying and Intensifying Orgasms) When these herbs come together, they can actually help the liver break down the synthetic hormones and detox the body with ease.

What to do

Botanical Formula to Detoxify & Intensify Orgasms

Environmental toxins and metabolite byproducts from birth control medications contribute to chronic problems related to sensuality, including the loss of sex drive and the inability to achieve a fulfilling orgasm. Bupleurum, Milk Thistle, Rehmannia...

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