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Anal Retentive: Deep Cleaning Your Rear for Worry Free Anal Sex

She’s ready to try anal sex, but can’t stop thinking about how dirty it is. She wants to know how she can clean her anus well enough to keep her worries of away during sex. What can she do to clean all the nastiness out so she can get down to business in peace?

Case #: 1720


I still consider myself new to anal sex because I have tried it once and was extremely unprepared. It was really unpleasant for me because I knew it was going to hurt and I couldn't relax. The biggest problem, however, was that I couldn't stop thinking of how dirty the anus is. I watched a porno clip the other day when a man had anal sex with a woman and soon after let her perform oral on him. I thought to myself, "Either she has the cleanest bum in world or she has issues." When we had sex we used plenty of lube, but throbbing in the back of my head was the thought: how clean is it? If I knew I could clean my bum well enough for anal sex then I would continue doing it because I would be more relaxed than the last time, and the last time it was sometimes pleasurable. Can someone help me understand how other women have anal sex and don't think about this kind of stuff?


I’m right there with you, sister. I, too, would be pretty disgusted if I watched a girl perform oral on a penis that had been in her anus. Hep C, anyone? Here’s the thing: I can tell you how to get your colon cleaned and prepped, but I still can’t imagine performing fellatio after anal. There’s not much to worry about, after you’ve been properly pre-sanitized, and assuming you’ve had your Hepatitis booster, but the idea just seems gross. Mind you, plenty of people enjoy both giving and receiving anal oral sex, so it might just be a niche thing.

Clean and Clear

So: you want to stop worrying about what’s going on inside your behind during anal sex. Well, the best way to know for sure is to evacuate prior. There are two ways to do this. One is to force your body to expel any fecal matter by drinking or eating some form of laxative. The other is to use an enema. An enema is essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Go With the Flow

Enemas can be safely employed to clean the rectum and colon, and some even enjoy the process, but it must be administered with care and consideration. An enema consists of some type of liquid, usually warm salt water, being introduced into the colon via a pipette. A set volume is prepared in an enema—or douche—bag, the pipette is lubed, and then gently inserted. The liquid is allowed to flow via gravity into the anal cavity. It should never be forced in, as this will cause unnecessary pain, and possibly damage to the intestines.

Don’t Drip Dry

The pipette is removed, the liquid is held inside the body by the rectal muscles, and, after a set period, is released—carrying with it all the effluvia currently residing inside the colon. This will leave you free of all fecal matter, although you should afterwards wash your anus well with warm water, and a dab of soap, if you are going to be engaging in rimming.

Anal Attractions

On another note, speaking from experience, you just have to let go of all your hygiene fears during anal sex. Yeah, it’s nasty—that’s why it’s such a turn-on for many people. Everyone can have a nice shower afterwards, your boyfriend won’t think any the worse of you for having poop in the place in your body where poop is supposed to be, and if it get’s messy, well, that’s what tile floors in bathrooms are for.

If you can, try to think less, “This is so gross, what’s going on back there, I don’t want to look, does it smell like poo?” and more, “look at me, accessing my bad girl side, I bet he’s loving this, I’m so fun/sexy/naughty”. An enema should definitely remove any fears you have as far as physical fecal matter, what’s left is for you to let loose, and be sure to lube up! (SEE: Anal Sex Preperation Douche & Enema)

What to do

Beginner's Guide To Anal Douche and Enema

The history of enemas remains disputed, but according to historians, the devices gained popularity from the response to emerging populations of homosexual males.

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