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Ready to Leave Her

His girlfriend has little to no sensation when it comes to sexual pleasure. She has had two orgasms during the course of her entire life. He is desperate to find some cure for this issue, as he is ready to end the relationship. What is going on here?
Case #: 1516

My girlfriend’s vagina feels really numb to her when it comes to sexual touches. During the 42 years she has been alive she has only had two orgasms. We are very desperate for her to have some feelings in herself because it has been difficult for the two of us. I am really sexually frustrated and if this doesn't get fixed I am ready to end the relationship with her. She is an amazing woman but I want to be able to express the chemistry we share.

I can’t tell you how selfish you sound right now. Instead of having compassion for your girlfriend’s condition, and hoping to give her pleasure as an end to itself, you only want her to experience sexual enjoyment as a conduit for you to “share your chemistry”. Isn’t it enough that she’s only had two orgasms in her entire life? I honestly don’t think this is the woman for you, if you care so little about her as to be ready to leave her simply because she can’t receive your sexual administrations in good grace.
I’m going to give you some techniques to increase your girlfriend’s pleasure, but I hope for her sake that you change your attitude towards this entire process. It should be about your girlfriend’s right to experience sexual pleasure at the hands of a lover who cares about her enjoyment solely to make her happy, not for any other reason. Obviously, to her, you must be “sharing chemistry” in some other way, or the relationship would have fizzled out long ago.
What’s Going On Here

When a woman has two orgasms in a lifetime, assuming she’s done enough hands-on experimentation on her own, it can be assumed that there’s some physiological aspect at work. There are several potential issues at work.
First is that her clitoral nerves simply aren’t receptive enough to stimuli, either because there aren’t enough of them or they’re farther removed from the surface of the epidermis than is usual. Second is the possibility of improper circulation to the reproductive area. Third is a hormonal imbalance that is affecting the sensation of her reproductive organs.
A Bloodless Relationship

In my opinion, because this problem has been so lengthy, I’m inclined to think it lies in improper circulation and sexual response. Just like the penis, the clitoris, labia, and G-Spot need to become engorged with blood to be fully receptive to erotic stimulation. If the female is not allowed adequate time for arousal, at least twenty minutes from initiating foreplay, her sexual response will not be complete. For some women, it’s necessary that they have some time to fantasize and “get into the mood” before they will even want to be sexually touched.
NO to the Rescue

To speed up this process, you can try two things. The first is a topical cream containing Nitric Oxide, or NO. NO is the molecule that triggers the dilation of the capillaries inside the reproductive organs. By applying a cream containing this chemical, your girlfriend will more quickly achieve full engorgement, and thereby, sensation. It is also possible to take supplements that generate increased levels of this molecule inside the body, such as L-Arginine.
Plant Power

The second thing to do is to begin a supplement that features compounds to strengthen the female sexual response. I would recommend this supplement specifically, as it contains herbs to increase circulation, but also contains herbs to help with the female sexual response generally, by encouraging an erotic and receptive state of mind. (TRY: Natural Formula for Vaginal Repair & Restoration)
This formula is compounded with herbs to promote a healthy feminine reproductive system, such as proper vaginal lubrication and tissue resilience, through the use of phytochemicals found such herbs as Fenugreek and Black Cohosh. I’m sure that by beginning this formula, your girlfriend will soon be having much more sexual sensation, and I hope that you take the opportunity to give her the pleasure she deserves, rather than making her feel guilty for her problem. Good luck!

What to do

VRP Formula I – Vaginal Regeneration & Repair

Age, long-term vibrator abuse, hormone imbalance, and toxins damage vaginal tissues, nerve endings, and the uterus endometrium, while an aged vagina and uterus can disrupt endocrine system from functioning properly, an issue that hinders the vagina...

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