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Sexed Out: She is Physically Exhausted after Engaging in Too Much Sex

Her love for sex stems from the way it makes her feel: de-stressed, happy and creative. A lingering problem, however, suggests she’s engaging in too much sex. She suffers from mood swings and visual problems when she goes for any length of time without intercourse. Her condition is known as sexual exhaustion and can be remedied with an herbal tincture.

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I love sex. I love how stress-free I feel afterward. I love how wonderful it leaves my mood. I especially love how revitalized my creativity is. But now I’m noticing that if I go too long without sex, I experience moodiness. I've noticed I also experience vision problems and am assailed by squiggly black lines. And on occasion, I experience vaginal discomfort. What in the world is going on with me?


Sexual exhaustion might sound to you like a state of deep satisfaction, in which you’ve spent a long and arduous night lost in the throes of passion. But this condition refers to someone experiencing physical and mental symptoms as a result of over-masturbation and/or too much sex. And before you think that too much sex could never be problematic, consider this: intercourse involves a series of four responses that each require physical reactions. Those reactions can fatigue the body and, when done repeatedly with little rest in-between, can lead to exhaustion.

The Female Body during Sex
When a woman is sexually excited, her vagina lengthens and becomes moist with lubrication. This process promotes penetration during intercourse. But reactions during this phase occur throughout the entire body, not just in the genitalia. Her heart rate, blood pressure and breathing all increase in anticipation of pleasure.

The second phase is the plateau, in which the vagina swells with blood and muscles in the buttocks, legs and hips tense. Orgasm comes next, and muscle contractions can be felt in the uterus and throughout the body. Her pulse continues to increase as muscles remain tense. After, genitalia return to normal and muscles relax. From this you can see that sex taxes the body and causes great changes before soaring it to pleasure and returning it to a state of relaxation.

Explaining Sexual Exhaustion
Sex is just one activity that triggers the brain’s pleasure center, controlled by the chemical dopamine. This motivates a person to repeatedly seek gratification from pleasurable activities like eating, exercising and engaging in sex. While everyone deserves to experience pleasure, it is problematic when it becomes addictive.

Some people immoderately crave sex because it relieves stress, releases dopamine and feels good. But addiction can lead to sexual exhaustion that causes serious problems. Contrary to some popular thought, this condition is real and accounts for one of two situations: when a person engages in too much sex and depletes her body, or when life’s demands leave little room for sexual desire.

As previously explained, sex takes the body on a roller coaster ride filled with anticipation and pleasure. Over indulging not only causes physical stress but also fills the body with hormones that present difficult symptoms. These symptoms include fatigue, anxiety, blurred vision, abdominal pain, and lower back pain.

Stress in the Modern World
Dealing with the daily responsibilities of life can also be exhausting. You mentioned that sex rejuvenates your creativity, which probably means that work and home sap this energy. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate and might need to implement some lifestyle changes to take charge of your life. You can prevent day-to-day burnout by remaining organized, practicing relaxation techniques and making time for activities you enjoy.

Once More Enjoy Your Favorite Activity
Symptoms like blurred vision and mood swings are telling you your body needs a break. Sex is wonderful and has the ability to stop pain and even promote longevity. But genitalia were not designed for constant stimulation, and the body itself needs balance in order to retain optimal health. Right now, the best thing you can do is take a respite from sex. Without this, you will not be able to heal.

To speed your healing, you need an herbal tincture with ingredients like Tree Peony Bark and Lycium. (TRY: Natural Formula for Sexual Recovery) These and other herbs have the ability to restore libido and help the liver expel toxins from your body. This blend can also restore energy and enable you to enjoy sex, and those times in-between, with renewed vigor.

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