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Too Much of a Good Thing

Petite woman recently had sex with a 9-inch penis. The next day she began experiencing stomach and ovarian pain, as well as light discharge. Has she damaged herself? What can she do for treatment?
Case #: 947

I recently had sex with an old friend, all 9 inches of him. The next day I woke up with stomach pain, and the days after that, my ovaries hurt. This issue, coupled with a weird rusty-pinkish color discharge, leads me to believe that he popped an ovary or something. What’s wrong with me?

You’ve irritated your vagina, and you’re spotting because of the disturbance. I’m sure you’ve only bruised your cervix, vagina and ovaries, but they will take time to stop hurting—similar to a bruise does. It seems that you’ve also got an excess of cortisol, which is causing your stomach cramps, probably your body’s reaction to the intense pounding it took. To ease these symptoms, you can begin taking pueraria mirifica, a tuber that’s been used by southeastern Asian women for centuries to assist in vaginal pain and discharge.
What Do Phytoestrogens Do for Me?

Studies have shown that p. mirifica contains high amounts of phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens stabilize hormonal levels to prevent discharge and spotting.
Phytoestrogens are a type of plant chemical known as isoflavones that mimic the effects of estrogen and progesterone. It’s not understood why phytoestrogens increase progesterone levels, mostly because progesterone and estrogen function on “opposite ends of a seesaw.” However, phytoestrogen-rich plants increase levels of both estrogen and progesterone, and the combination of these two hormones affects your issue.
Progesterone too calms muscle contractions, calming any pelvic cramping you’re experiencing. Progesterone will also alleviate some of the tenderness of your reproductive organs, as it is a diuretic and anti-inflammatory hormone. The estrogen in the herb will inhibit excess discharge because progesterone determines the levels of discharge in each woman.
Spotting occurs when progesterone levels dip slightly, and there isn’t enough available estrogen to prevent the loss of some of the epithelial tissue from the uterus. It’s not dangerous, just irritating, and increased estrogen should cancel out any extra spotting. Estrogen will also diminish prevent the production of cortisol, as it lowers the availability of free progesterone molecules, which are needed to create cortisol in the adrenal glands.
Recommended Supplement

I recommend beginning a supplement of p. mirifica, to stabilize and normalize your body’s reactions to intercourse, and to hormonally balance your body so as not to have any further issues. (SEE: Hormonal Balancing Herbal Formula) Don’t worry about having popped an ovary—I’m sure you’ll feel better soon. Next time aim for less, rather than more!

What to do

Pueraria Mirifica: The Hormone Balancer

During menstruation, a woman starts to experience a dearth in hormone production.

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