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Tying Up Loose Ends

Learn about a woman who believes her tubal ligation has come undone.

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I've been experiencing pain in my lower stomach in my pelvic region. I had a tubal ligation done ten years ago. My question is, what are some of the symptoms of your tubes coming untied, and may you still get pregnant? Can I find out if they came lose?


A woman takes on a lot of responsibility when she decides to get her tubes tide. It's not just a quick in-and-out procedure that a frozen bag of peas can heal. And, unlike its vasectomy counterpart, a tubal ligation is completely none reversible. There is no changing your mind once the deed is done.

Tied Tubes

During the procedure, the fallopian tubes are blocked by tubal implants that resemble small metal springs. The springs are placed inside the fallopian tubes, and over time our scar tissue will form and grow around the implant. Though it's most common to refer to a tubal ligation as “having your tubes tied,” there's really no tying of anything involved in the surgery. The implant is what blocks the tubes permanently and stops the eggs from traveling through the fallopian tubes to where the egg would normally be fertilized by sperm.

Bad Surprises

One of the biggest shocks for some women who have had this procedure done is the fact that having your tubes tied could spiral your body into early menopause. Where most women begin to experience symptoms of menopause in their mid-40's to mid-50's, a woman that has had her tubes tied could go through 'the change' much earlier.

If for instance, some sort of damage has occurred to one or both of the ovaries during any type of surgery, this can affect the way we go through the ovulation process. Tubal ligation sends us into early per-menopause by causing our ovaries to fail if the blood flow to the ovaries is cut off. In addition to early menopause symptoms, a woman may also experience a heavy menstrual flow or tough cramps, a low libido, and orgasm difficulty.

Your Questions Answered

The good news is, there's a very slim chance that your tubes have come 'untied.' Since they were never really tied in the first place, by now scar tissue has completely formed around the springs previously mentioned. What I do believe is happening is since your surgery, your menstrual cramping has become more intense over the years.

The best way to deal with this pain is to go back to basics. If you are in fact feeling the pain in your side during your time of the month, try using a heating pad on the area. I would also recommend a female restorative formula to be sure that pesky pain doesn't return. Natural herbs such as Ginko, Black Cohosh, and American Ginseng work together with fatty acids and amino acids to help heal any damage that the uterus, vagina, and clitoris have endured. (TRY: Female Restorex Formula) They also stimulate the libido and increase sensitivity of the clitoris.

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