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The Effects Of Tubal Ligation - Unexplained Excessive Discharges

Learn how a woman's post-period fever could be something much more complex.

Case #: 571


Usually about a week and half after my period ends, I get a kind of sick feeling. I seem to run a slight fever, and I have thick, sticky and clear discharge. The discharge lasts for about three to four days. During this time, my incontinence gets worse. 13 years ago, I had a tubal ligation. Can you tell me what my body is doing?


Different Discharge

There's nothing more unsettling than finding something strange going on in your panties. I've learned over the years that you can tell how your day will go by what's going on down under. And when it's a thick, sticky day, things are just going to get weird. I feel very close to this particular case since my mother experienced some of the same symptoms after she had her tubes tied. I hope that I can help with your current situation, but first let's get through the facts.

Tubal Ligation

When a woman has her tubes tied, it can sometimes leave her vulnerable to certain complications and infections. In this instance, I believe that what you're experiencing is peri-menopause symptoms that stem from the tubal ligation.

At times when you feel feverish, your body is actually experiencing hot flashes. Normally, after a woman has ovulated for the month, she will begin what is called the “Luteal Period.” During this time, the body increases the production of progesterone and prolactin levels, which give the sensation of feeling ill, especially if there's an inflammation in your tied tubes or ovaries.

Tubal Inflammation

If eggs accumulate after tubal ligation, the tubes can become inflamed, subsequently leaving the function of the ovaries disabled.

Because of the now weakened ovaries, the large amounts of progesterone cannot be converted into androstenedione, which the body uses to create estrogen and testosterone. When these tubes are inflamed, the body produces progesterone into cortisol. This production of cortisol creates that unsightly heavy mucus and discharge days after your period has ended.

What To Do

While no one can stop the dreaded change from occurring, we can slow it down--a lot. One of my favorite natural herbs to remedy my female ailments is Dong Quai. Most commonly referred to as the “female ginseng,” Dong Quai has been known to balance hormonal fluctuations. It is also known for boosting estrogen levels. Dong Quai, mixed with other powerful herbs known as VRD Formula I which including Dioscorea, Mexican Wild Yam and Pueraria Mirifica, will create a well-adjusted hormone system in the female form.

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