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I'm Having Orgasmic Pains Full Of Discharge

Learn about the in's and out's of excessive birth control use, and how to prevent the harmful after effects.
Case #: 1815

I hope you can help us. My girlfriend continues to experience strong pains during climax. She has also been expelling a white discharge. We do not engage in intercourse more than twice a week—now even less because of the discharge. I've also noticed the more orgasms she has during her menstrual cycle, the later her next period becomes.
She has been taking painkillers for over a year now. Any ideas on what may be causing the pain and discharge?
I have to admit, it is indeed a sad day when one of the most amazing pleasures that life has to offer becomes tainted. The chances of a woman developing this sort of reaction are low, but there is definitely a possibility. Many women who experience these types of orgasmic pains do so because of their birth control intake.
A Shady Rain Cloud

Birth control contains synthetic hormones that mimic the stasis of pregnancy. The intense rush of hormones actually causes the brain to shut down the ovarian function, and once the function grinds to a halt, large portions of progesterone and estrogen will start to gather within the uterus and cervix. The subsequent buildup of the hormones will eventually cause a woman's liver to detoxify the body at a sluggish pace. The buildup is what causes low libido and orgasmic dysfunction.
Other Possibilities

In addition to birth control, there are several other causes of orgasmic pains and cloudy discharge. Other possibilities include, but are not limited to; vaginal injury or irritation, vaginal inflammation, infection, a tipped uterus, or insufficient lubrication.
It is also common for some strong acting antibiotics to cause the same build up reaction within the liver. A woman's hygienic practices may also have a hand in the pain. I would definitely recommend staying away from any scented bath products. This means anything with a scent included in body washes, shower gels, and deodorants. Fragrances have a tendency to cause the female genital area great irritation. Wiping from front to back after using the facilities and sticking to cotton underwear will stave off harmful infections that thrive in dark, moist environments.
How To Fix It

I would strongly suggest not engaging in intercourse until your girlfriend's discharge has cleared up. The disappearance of the white discharge will be a clear indicator that it is once again okay to have sex. In order to clear up that problem, I would recommend utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Dong Quai, Ligustrum, Rehmannia, Phellodendron Amurense, Alpiniae Officinarum, and Ailanthus Cortex. (SEE: Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Relief Tincture)
These natural herbs will help the liver to flush out any harmful buildup that has been left behind, only to collect and put the body in danger. They will also put her on a more predictable path of menstruation. After just a few short weeks, your girlfriend should begin to see a clearing through the white discharge.

What to do

Botanical Tincture For Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Depite the unsightliness of Vaginal Discharge you should know that it may be the result of important functions of the female reproductive system

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