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My Kitten Is No Longer Smitten

Learn about a woman who just might have to say 'bye-bye' to her beloved vibrator for the betterment of her vaginal health.

Case #: 1206


Dog is man's best friend. I have a dog, and honestly, he's a great companion, but a best friend? My dog cannot please me and make me scream like my vibrator can. My vibrator can make my toes curl and allay any stress I experience. It doesn't require a ton of maintenance either.


Don't mistake my stance as an animal hater. I love my dog, and my kitty wink wink. But it appears that my love for my kitten has lead to some minor pain where it matters most. What have I done to my body?

I love my vibrator as much as the next girl, but sometimes too much of a good thing can have reverberating consequences. However, if you're feeling embarrassed or singled out for having this minor pain, you shouldn't.

Cat's Out Of The Bag

The way that most common vibrators are designed these days, any woman with a robust libido could do some major damage. Just like ice cream and other fun sugary treats, vibrators and other sex toys should be thought of as a 'sometimes snack.' Not the full meal.

When a women uses a toy more than once or twice a week, her clitoral nerve endings become highly sensitized and overly-stimulated. If the clitoral nerve endings are stimulated enough they will grow large and inflame the area. When this occurs, even the most lightest of touches will feel as if the skin is being burned or cut.

Cat In A Box

Fortunately, it sounds like your level of pain hasn't peaked at the burn unit yet. This is definitely a good sign. It means that the damaged caused to your vaginal tissue is minor and only in the early stages of distress. Your next step will be to find a formula that contains natural herbs that can rejuvenate the clitoral tissues by way of replenishing crucial hormones and neuro nutrients. Evening Primrose Oil, Mexican Wild yam, and Dong Quai are just a few herbs that hold these very properties within them. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Regeneration)

Pretty Kitty

I would also strongly recommend not using your vibrator for at least a month. This will give your vaginal tissues a much needed growth-spurt rest. It will also give the clitoral nerve endings the proper time to heal while the herbs do their work. If the pain increases to an intolerable level after you've stopped using the toy, you should notify your OBGYN immediately.

You can also prevent any further pain or discomfort by switching your underwear options. Cotton underwear are the best for staving off inflammation or rashes. So, it would be in your best interest, and your vagina's to do away with the nylon and spandex. And during the night, when you're asleep you should definitely go commando. It's important to let your “kitten” breath, otherwise she might get a bit irritated.

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