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Is Vaginal Elasticity Affected Significantly By How Many Men She Has Made Love To?

Is the vagina affected by the number of partners a woman has had? Can the shape and size of the vagina be custom molded to fit one specific penis?

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Is a woman's vaginal tightness determined by how many men she has made love to? Is it true that a virgin woman's vagina can stretch to custom fit their partners penis over time?


It is commonly thought that the more partners that a woman has experienced, the looser her vagina will be. Luckily, that is far from the case.

Every woman is born with a vagina of a certain size, and not much changes that, aside from age and repeated childbirth. While it is essentially impossible to stretch a vagina, apart from those causes listed, it is possible to tighten it after those causes have taken effect.

The Effect of Arousal

When a woman becomes aroused, one of the side effects is that her vagina relaxes, or loosens. Obviously this is a beneficial trait for women, imagine how painful sex would be if the vagina remained tight and contracted the whole time! During sex, the area of the vagina can increase by up to 30%. This function protects the woman’s delicate internal organs from being jolted around too much by the penis. After sex, the vagina returns to its initial shape. This elasticity is normal and true for all women.

Time Stretch

However, two things can effect this “snap-back” into shape. As women age, the muscles that make up the vagina begin to weaken due to changes in hormone levels. This means that over time, a woman’s vagina may start to feel looser than it did when she was younger.

It is a normal process, and should not result in a decrease of the woman’s pleasure. The other thing that can affect the shape of a woman’s vagina is having children. This may seem obvious to some—after stretching something out so far, it is difficult for it to snap perfectly back into place—however, it is not an unfixable problem.

Resist to Regain

If a woman wanted to restore her vagina to its youthful state, she might consider using Kegel excercises. Kegel exercises work through muscle resistance to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, effectively reinvigorating the vagina.

To discover your PC muscles, try stopping the flow of urine while going to the bathroom. When you are familiar with the sensation of contracting those muscles, practice contracting them for extended periods of time—starting at a few seconds—and then relaxing them. Prolonged practice will strengthen the muscles of the entire pelvis, helping fight incontinence, cystocele prolapse, and to create a pleasurable sensation of “grip” during sex.

Heal and Tone Naturally

If a woman finds herself in any of the situations above—postpartum, losing muscle tone due to age, or with a hormone imbalance, it is crucial that she detoxify and refresh her vaginal muscles with an herbal aid...(ways to tight it up)

Flushing her system of a buildup of hormones due to pregnancy, age, or birth control will go a long way towards a healthy genital area, and her muscles will be better suited for regrowth with a natural tonic that tones and prepares them for strengthening.

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