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No Feeling No Orgasm

Learn about a young woman who just can't seem to be able to climax, and what she may do to rectify her unfortunate situation.

Case #: 1440


I am a twenty-one year old woman and have been having a really hard time reaching climax. I have been told that it may be due to my sex drive but if you ask any of my previous partners if that was ever a problem, you would find out that I have a really high sex drive. I have been on antidepressants since I was eighteen. I also got a vibrator from a friend of mine on my birthday the following year when I was nineteen and snapped out of my depression. I would use it against my clitoris. Could any of this be an indicator of why I can't orgasm?


It pains me to think about all the women who don't ask these types of questions either because they are too embarrassed, or they've just accepted an unfulfilled sex life. I hurt for these women, because I used to be one. For years I believed that no man would ever be able to give me an orgasm, partially because I was too shy to explain what I needed, and also because I didn't really know what I needed in order to get off.

Orgasm Shaming

Finally, after years of unrequited climaxing, I was able to do it. It took some time to translate and incorporate what I liked during sex to my partner, but once I was able to I was riding high on bliss. What I learned is that I am only able to reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation. At first I was a bit discouraged by this epiphany, but as I did some research I quickly became hip to the fact that only about fifteen percent of women are able to orgasm through penetration alone.

Once I realized this, I began experimenting with sexual positioning. I found that the best way to get the highest level of clitoral stimulation was to straddle my partner in front-facing cowgirl position. While riding your partner, lean forward so that your clitoris grinds against his pelvic bone, and make sure that you are the one setting the pace here.

G-spot And Clitoral Insensitivity

Sexual positioning aside, there is always a chance of some loss of sensation within the genital area. Regular use of a vibrator applied to the clitoris may cause nerve damage, inflammation, or scaring of the clitoral tissues. If you have gotten into the habit of always reaching for your vibrator, I would definitely suggest putting a once a month limit on its use.

Some antidepressants and other medications are actually notorious for partially desensitizing the vagina. If you feel that this is the case, I would highly recommend cluing your doctor in to what is going on. Vaginal insensitivity can develop into more seriously demanding conditions. I have no doubt that you'll be fine, if you act fast and aggressively.

Herbal Solution

By utilizing natural herbal remedies that include ingredients such as Passion Flower, Fo Ti, Wild Yam, and Turkey Rhubarb you may replenish hormones that are essential to the female form. (TRY: Natural Formula for Vaginal Restoration and Repair) They will balance out estrogen levels while naturally increasing the production of progesterone, rejuvenate the clitoral tissues, and promote better blood circulation within the vagina.

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