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Vaginal Discharge Does Not Necessarily Warrant Worry

A woman has a common worry that is hardly discussed – what designates normal discharge? She wants to know if her pre-menstruation thick discharge is an issue, and if so, how to cure it.

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I need an answer to my problem; it has been worrying me for a while now. I have thick white discharge every so often, more than regular. Mainly when I have any kind of sexual activities. Is this an infection? Why does it occur so much if so? It is a thick and very white discharge. It also happens a lot a week before my cycle starts. Please get back with some kind of comfort or help.


Discharge is not necessarily a concern. There is no reason to panic about discharge, especially before your period. It is the body’s method of cleansing itself and will naturally occur as a part of ovulation. A normal discharge will be clear and may dry with a cloudy white to light yellowish tint. However, your discharge can be a good meter for your vaginal health, so although you don’t need to worry you do need to pay attention.

Abnormal Discharge

Discharge can be your first hint about any abnormality or infection your vagina is enduring. If your discharge looks or feels any different than normal, you could be showing symptoms of a yeast infection, a urinary tract infection or maybe even a sexually transmitted disease.

Abnormal discharge is caused by the imbalance of the vaginal pH levels or hormone levels. Lowered acidity levels during menstruation will lead to more discharge, however, discoloration or thicker texture is your first sign to an issue.

Yeast Infections: An Uncomfortable Norm

Yeast infections are very common among women. It is not an STD, although in some cases it can be passed along to men. Yeast infections start when the candida albicans- a common fungus in the vagina, mouth and digestive tract is overly produced. The fungus is produced to fight off other germs and infections, but too much is not a good thing.

Yeast infections can be caused by a number of things, including birth control, alcohol or drug abuse, improper cleaning, antibiotics, diabetes, pregnancy, excessive masturbation and obesity. A yeast infection will produce thicker, cheesy textured discharge with a yellow tint, accompanied by a foul smell and a tender vagina. There may be a constant itch and a general feeling of discomfort. Yeast infections do not let you forget that they are there and the discharge will be more persistent than a normal discharge.

Worse than Yeast?

If you’re displaying the yeast infection symptoms accompanied by itching, burning or very thick and chunky discharge, this could be a sign of a worse infection, including gonorrhea. If your discharge is acting different than what you’re used to, you might need to see a doctor.

A very complicated yeast infection can have severe side effects, too. Redness, swelling and itching of the labia could be a sign that the yeast infection has gotten out of hand. More than four yeast infections within a year could be a sign of a more severe issue, too.

Ending the Discomfort

A yeast infection is nothing to beat yourself up over. Almost every woman will experience a yeast infection in their life; it is just a matter of taking care of yourself and your vagina. There are plenty of methods to clear infections, by reading your body and what solutions work best; future yeast infections can be avoided.

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