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At 18, Too Much Masturbation has Already Damaged Her Clit

She is only 18 years old but, after three years of masturbating with her vibrator, has lost sensation in her clitoris. She stopped using the vibrator but still cannot orgasm. Her concern is evident, and she desperately wants to regain her previous sexual pleasure. But before she can do that, she must revive the nerves in her clitoris.

Case #: 1512


I am only 18 years old and can no longer be aroused as easily. When I turned 15, I started using a vibrator directly on my clitoris for maximum pleasure. At first the feeling was really great, but eventually I felt very little sensation. I stopped using the vibrator last year thinking it would make a huge difference, but it is still the same, and I cannot feel anything. When I masturbate it is really hard. It is not as intense as it sued to be, I no longer get that feeling anymore, even when I do it slow and am really relaxed. Nothing works. I have never had sex before because I know I can’t get aroused through penetration. Is there any way to fix my problems?


Direct contact with the clitoris can feel good, and while masturbation lends itself to easy and no-holds barred hedonism, it can also be problematic. The clitoris was designed for pleasure but is extremely delicate. It contains clusters of nerves packed into a compact space. Repeatedly stimulating those nerves causes damage that, although repairable, means you must stop the self-gratification for now.

The Touchy Subject of Masturbation

Masturbation is a pleasure enjoyed by men and women alike. Unlike sex, it’s not complicated by feelings of romance or ardor. It is easy because you don’t have to worry about pleasing your partner, and convenient because you’re the only one who has to consent to the act.

But masturbation is tricky. Some people claim it is not possible to damage the nerves of the clitoris, and that sex toys are flawless instruments of delight. Both theories are wrong. It is very possible to engage in too much masturbation, and symptoms of this over-indulgence include fatigue, memory impairment and cloudy judgment. Its physical symptoms are even more tangible.

Stimulating the clit with a vibrator or other device means, as you said, placing it in direct contact with your body. A vibrator is designed to operate at multiple speeds and with varying degrees of intensity. While caught up in the act, you’re not considering the harm that might come with increasing the speed – you’re thinking only of reaching your orgasm. But that potential for harm does exist; the clitoris can be completely de-sensitized and keep you from reaching orgasm.

For proof, take your finger and continuously rub a spot on your wrist. It feels good at first, but eventually that pleasure gives way to a numb and generally uncomfortable sensation. This same phenomenon is at work with the clitoris, multiplied by the potency of a vibrator. Also keep in mind the wrist contains three primary nerves; the clitoris holds at least 8,000. The harm that can be done to your clitoris is much, much greater.

Non-Physical Aspects of Masturbation

Here is something else to consider: masturbation affects the brain as well as the body. Engaging in the exact same routine can become tedious, rather than stimulating, and lead to orgasm dysfunction. This same problem occurs for many sexually active adults. They discover one technique that feels good and, rather than try something new, stick with what they know. But eventually the pleasure gets lost in boredom.

You said you’ve not yet had sex because you know penetration would not arouse you. This suggests a frame of mind in which masturbation is the only activity you’ll ever enjoy. Your viewpoint needs to change so you see the potential pleasure that intercourse can bring you. If you’re not ready for sex – a decision that should not be rushed into – at least consider other ways to satisfy yourself. But above all else, take a long respite from masturbation; this will help your body heal and also give you a chance to reflect.

Rejuvenate Your Body

The good news is you can help your body’s recovery process by doing more than refraining from masturbation. Taking a revitalization formula with such ingredients as Mexican Wild Yam and Horny Goat Weed can regenerate damaged nerve endings and increase sensitivity. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Passion Enhancement & Clitoral Restoration) This blend also modulates hormones so your vagina and clitoris are in optimal health. Touching yourself will again bring effortless pleasure – just don’t overdo it.

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