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Sandpaper Pussy a Problem?

Female enjoys sex, but can’t seem to ever become lubricated. No matter how aroused she is, her vaginal remains only nominally moist, nothing more. She is so dry it causes pain for both her and her partner. What is the cause of this excessive dryness, and can she do anything about it?

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I was searching Urban Dictionary when I came across an interesting entry: “Sandpaper Pussy: Where a female is so dry, it feels as if your penis is rubbing against sandpaper.” I laughed, but I knew that definition described me. And no matter how attracted and “turned on” I feel; I cannot get wet for my partner. I am so dry that both he and I experience pain. Even when we apply lubricant, I will experience pain soon as the lubrication fades.


Madame, I feel your pain. All around us, as females, we’re taught that to be a normal, healthily functioning sexual female means to be “dripping wet” at the drop of a hat. And speaking as a woman who definitely isn’t that, I understand the frustration you and your partner are experiencing.

Your question could have been my own a few months back. I feel for you; it’s embarrassing for you and confusing and disheartening for your partner. Everyone feels like they’re doing something wrong, but the fact is, there’s nothing you could be doing differently for better results. With that being said, there is something that can help your body from the inside out that will change how your experience.

Low Estrogen No Lubrication

If you’ve done any research on this topic, you’re aware that estrogen levels control vaginal lubrication. Normally, low estrogen means low vaginal lubrication. However, there are usually other side effects noted with improper vaginal lubrication due to estrogen imbalance, such as amenorrhea—not having your period—and things like spotting between periods if you are menstruating. That’s why it’s so hard to know what to do when you have only one aspect of low estrogen.

It’s generally frowned upon to begin taking pure estrogen in any event, and especially just for a single problem. So what’s a girl to do? I’d recommend increasing your phytoestrogen intake.

Better Sex Through Science

Why phytoestrogens? They’re plant derived chemicals that humans intake naturally, and they act as estrogens, and occasionally other helpful hormones, once ingested. However, the hormonal molecular content of a phytoestrogen is about twenty percent that of a normal hormone molecule—thus the rates of excess hormone intake are severely diminished. Not only that, but phytoestrogens have the ability to downgrade in the body, and are not stored permanently.

So, by taking a supplement high in phytoestrogens, you can increase your body’s levels of estrogen, without putting yourself in danger of thrombosis or cancer. The highest levels of phytoestrogens are found in flax seed oil; it can be taken as a supplement, or added straight to things like hot cereals.

Lube it Up

I’d also recommend trying a lubricating gel that contains phytoestrogens. This natural gel will ease your dryness, but will also increase your body’s overall levels of estrogen. (TRY: Estrogen Balancing Dry Relief Formula) The results will be quick, because the solution is strictly topical. The herbs in this formula have been selected to also increase the sensitivity and pleasure of your entire vaginal area, through increased blood flow and neurochemical production.

I’m sure with these techniques, you will soon lose that rough, painful feeling and slide into better sex. I myself have been taking a flax seed supplement for about two weeks, and am already seeing positive results, so there’s hope for you yet!

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