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The Cream of the Crotch

Female complains of thick, white, odorless discharge. She claims it has not always been this way, but is a recent complaint. She has taken medications for yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis—to no avail. Her doctor says the discharge is normal, but she feels it isn’t normal to be so creamy all the time. What can she do?

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I am having a problem with my vaginal discharge. It is very milky and sometimes thick. It has no odor. My doctor has prescribed yeast infection medication as well as meds for bacterial vaginosis... despite that, my discharge is still creamy. My boyfriend tells me it's bitter as well. It wasn't always like this. I rarely use vibrators. I've only had 2 lifetime sex partners. It is not at STD... I am not satisfied with my doctor's diagnosis that this is "normal" because I don't think it is. I know it's okay for vaginal discharge to be a little bit creamy sometimes, but I feel that this is too creamy, and it's turning my boyfriend off. Please help me... our one year anniversary is coming up.


I’m sorry your doctor is giving your condition more credence. There is a wide range of normal vaginal discharge, and what’s normal for one woman might not be for another, especially if you haven’t typically experienced this discharge.

Where’s It All Coming From?

My question for you is: have you begun taking birth control in any hormonal contraceptive form? Your issue sounds like an instance of excess progesterone. I would be confused about why your body has suddenly begun producing more progesterone than it needs, unless you have indeed begun a recent course of hormones.

When you have too much progesterone, your body creates too much cervical mucus. This is emitted from your body in the form of creamy vaginal discharge. Your doctor is partially right when he says it’s normal—it’s normal for women who have naturally high levels of progesterone, and it’s natural for women at some parts during their menstrual cycle. However, if it’s bothering you and your partner, it’s not too difficult to get your sex life back on track.

A Clean Break

All you need to do to restore order to your basement is to detoxify your body of the excess progesterone, and balance the normal levels of your body’s hormones. To do that, you need to kick start your body’s filtration methods: your liver, kidneys, and circulatory system. After you’ve got your body filtering as much of the unwanted progesterone as possible, you can start to add in other modifying herbal chemicals to tell your body to stop producing so much goo.

Specifically for You…

The herbs I would recommend you focus on for the time being are Dong Quai, Mexican Wild Yam, and Safflower. Dong Quai is a holistically healing herb for the entire female reproductive system—aiding in the rejuvenation of tissues, the strengthening of circulation in the genital region, and the removal of accumulated toxins in the reproductive organs.

Mexican Wild Yam is a natural source of some regulatory hormones your body needs. Ingesting these phytochemicals will help your body to realign itself in conjunction with the excess of progesterone—either by increasing estrogen levels, or decreasing progesterone production in the body. Safflower is a strong detoxifying herb. It is easy to find, and many women make a tea from it to encourage fertility—as it seems to have a regulatory effect on menstruation, which in turn is derived from well-balanced hormone levels.

The remedy I think best for you at this time encompasses these three herbs, and several more, to make a potent and purifying solution. (SEE: Vaginal Discharge Detoxification Formula) Through detoxification and stability, your excess discharge will rapidly decrease, hopefully in time for your anniversary. Don’t lose hope on this issue, help is on the way!

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