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How's it going? I love your info. Between girlfriends right now so no training opportunities as of yet. Do you give seminars and or personal consultations? I am very interested in the finger plier etc. I am more of a hands-on learner. Got a question about penis and vagina size.

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I am between girlfriends right now and I want to improve my sexual abilities. I was searching the website and I saw a technique titled “Finger Pliers.” I read a bit more and found it to be a great sexual enhancer for my future partner. I saw how the technique helps a woman feel more relaxed and opened. As a man with a well-endowed package, a bit more width for her will ease the pain. I say this because at times I have caused my previous partners great pain during sex. I made one scream in pain, another cry, and one so vehemently upset that she never wanted to ride on top of me again. Can the technique help alleviate her problem while pleasing me?


The vagina’s anatomy prevents very long penis from entering and causing pleasure. A long penis such as yours strikes the cervix inflicting pain, not pleasure. When you have a large penis, the trick to creating pleasure is to hit her epicenter. Tight vaginal muscles may be the cause for displeasure for some women, especially when a rather large one-eyed monster enters her depths.

The Tightness Explained

A tight vagina creates insufficient relaxation and elasticity. When you enter a women who is very tight with your long penis, you irritate the vaginal orifice during penetration. Even if you add loads of lubrication, you still inflict pain because of your size. Instead, you want to loosen her up some while providing great pleasure and satisfaction.

Why The Technique Works

By practicing the Finger Pliers technique on your future partner, you can definitely relax and open her up a bit more. Because the technique stimulates her clitoris and G-spot, you can relax her more for sex while opening her up a bit more.

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