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Female can experience orgasm only with a vibrator. She cannot have an orgasm during sex with any man. She can’t find the same sensation during sex that she can with a vibrator. What can she do to finally orgasm during sex with her husband?

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Well, long story short, I can have an orgasm when I use a vibrator but I can’t have one during sex. I haven't had one with any man during sex. I’ve been with my husband for 9 years and have always wanted to experience it with him. No matter what he tries, I just don't feel the sensation and can't get there. Is there anything that I can do that will help with this problem? Please let me know.


The short answer to your long problem is that you’ve desensitized your clitoris over years of vibrator usage, and now you can’t achieve the same sensation in bed, thus you can’t orgasm from sex alone. Using a vibrator for an extended period of time can build scar tissue, blocking the nerve endings in your clitoris from more delicate sensations and leaving you only able to “feel” when you’re using a vibrator.

An Unwanted Shield

The reason for this is because the body sees continual vibration as a type of abrasion, and to protect itself, it builds the scar tissue I was talking about. In order to orgasm during sex, you’re either going to need to use a vibrator on your clitoris during the sex act, or you’re going to need to stop using a vibrator completely, cleanse your body, allow it to remove the excess scar tissue, and begin to reintroduce the concept of soft touch to your clitoris.

Your Other Clitoris

However, if you choose to pursue the second route, there is a silver lining to the lose-the-vibrator cloud. While your exterior clitoral nerves might be removed from sensation, your interior clitoral nerves are probably working just fine, assuming you haven’t been using the vibrator on your g-spot as well.

Your g-spot is thought by many physiologists to be a clump of clitoral nerves extending from the clitoris itself up the front wall of the vagina. In stimulating this area, you are indirectly exciting your clitoris, and you should be able to experience orgasm from this type of titillation alone. It might be a slow process to discover whether this will work for you, but use this time to relearn your sexual pleasures. This will certainly help you find orgasm with your man.

Relearn Pleasure

So, stop using your vibrator. If you need clitoral stimulation, try to find it using just your fingers. You can also try touching your clitoris in different ways—pulling back the hood, light tapping, etc. In the meantime, I recommend beginning an herbal supplement designed to help your body remove excess scar tissue build up and strengthen your clitoral sensations. (SEE: Clitoral Revitalization Herbal Formula)

Remove the Blockage

What needs to happen is for your body to increase blood flow to the area—effectively reinvigorating the tissues—and then for your body to begin removing the tissues internally, once it senses the absence of the abrasion.

This process may take some time, but as soon as you begin your detoxifying and rejuvenating herbal course, you will notice improved sensation and pleasure. You must try to wean yourself off of your vibrator, or resign yourself to always needing it for orgasm, with a man or without him. I am positive that if you begin a revitalizing treatment, and stop using a vibrator, you will soon see positive results. Good luck!

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