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Painful and Urgent Urination Caused by Vaginal Infection

She is suffering from yeast infection with symptoms of itchy and foul vaginal odor, painful urination and inability to reach orgasm. Her Mom’s warning against sex before marriage created a shadow in her sex life.

Case #: 44823


My vagina is always itchy. Once a month I feel like I'm having an infection because it always stings when I go pee, and I have to go pee a lot. I believe that it started when I started having sex. I have gone to the doctor about this and got some drugs, however it never seems to have long-lasting results and it only relieved the symptoms.

It smells really bad down there. I have been told that it's normal, however I don't like it and I know it's a big turn off. I am a neat person and always wash myself with regular soap.

Another related problem is that I don’t have an orgasm anymore. My boyfriend is great and we have a lot of sex together, but I know that he would feel more satisfied if I do have an orgasm. I am not sure psychology might involved here, since my Mom always been telling it’s wrong to have sex before marriage.


Your first problem is likely a vaginal yeast infection. Vaginal yeasts always live in your vagina. When your vaginal immunity is strong, yeasts won't infect you. Vaginal yeast infection occurs when your vaginal immunity is suppressed by the hormone prostaglandin E2 (PEG-2). Your vagina, cervix and uterus release PEG-2 to help you build a good environment for sperms to survive, to fertilize an egg and to help implant the fertilized egg, while semen contains a lot of prostaglandin E2 to help sperms survive to survive and to swim into the uterus from the vagina. But, unfortunately, prostaglandin E2 is an inflammatory hormone and immune suppressor too.

Thus, your yeast infection is a result of overproduction of PEG-2. Excessive sex or tissue abrasion can induce excessive PEG-2 release. This can also happen in the urethra and bladder when the G-spot is over-stimulated. As a result, you may experience urinary tract infection (UTI) or bladder infection too. Other causes of excessive PEG-2 include birth control, androgen hormone deficiency, street drugs, alcohol, medications, or excessive work stress.

Try Passion Kindle Formula for Orgasm Dysfunction I to reverse the vaginal yeast infection and UTI due to excessive prostaglandin E2, vaginal immunity has to be maintained by counterbalancing PEG-2 with prostaglandin E1, an anti-inflammatory hormone that helps vaginal and urethral erection.

Psychological factors have a great influence in the brain chemistry and have been a cause of orgasm dysfunction. Many women coming from different religious background or culture have strong conviction against premarital sex. Cultural views on premarital sex have been changing. Get a good counseling from experts to reduce the guilt and find additional support to help you. Self-reassurance and happiness play a great part in your sex life!

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