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Too Much Air Can Be a Bad Thing

My vagina gets filled up with air and when I get into a different position it comes ptptpt out. I was thinking that I have an estrogen problem but then again if I stimulate myself I get very wet.

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I have a problem of getting wet when my husband and I engage in sexual activity. When he touches me, it feels good and but it's like I’m just through the motions. I don't reach a full orgasm. My vagina gets filled up with air and when I get into a different position, it comes out making a “pht-pht-pht” sound. I was thinking maybe I have an estrogen problem, but when I stimulate myself alone, I get very wet. What do I do about this? I don't think my husband is having the greatest time when we have sex, it's not like he moans in ecstasy. What do I need to do to make our sex life more exciting?


It seems you dry up very quickly during lovemaking. This problem is associated with a continuous burst of testosterone in your endocrine system that occurs during sexual encounters. That is, your endocrine cannot continuously supply testosterone for you to burn. Herbs from the Advanced Botanical Formula For Vaginal Dryness can solve the problem, lift your sexual and orgasm responses, and help you stay very wet for a long time, from two to six hours! In fact, you will be able to become wet and ready for penetration all the time.

Now, you cannot achieve an orgasm when your vagina is filled with air. This phenomenon is called Vaginal Air Pumping – yup, sort of like a bike pump. Some people called it Vaginal Fart. It generally happens during the doggy-style lovemaking position that accommodates of long strokes, where the penis can slip out too much, allowing air to get into your vagina.

Basically, long love strokes and insufficient lubrication to seal the gap between the penis and vagina are the main causes of your embarrassment.

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