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has very low clitoral and vaginal sensation. She has used a vibrator for some time, and has to push it firmly down to achieve any sensation at all. She has not used drugs, or any medications, nor is she sexually active. How can she restore her sensitivity?

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I have really low vaginal and clitoral sensitivity and I think it might be due to using a massager on my clitoris. I start to get feeling once I press harder and make the contact a lot harder. I want my sensitivity to fully restore. I hate not being able to feel anything. I am not sexually active but I am hoping that when I am, the sensitivity will be back. I have no history of drug abuse or medications at all. Can you please help me restore my sensitivity?


It sounds like you’ve done some hardcore damage to your clitoral and vaginal nerves. You either had partially desensitized nerves to begin with, that required harder sensation, or you’ve done such damage over time that you now require extreme pressure to achieve any feeling, but either way, you must stop this excess of pressure and begin healing yourself.

The Wall of Flesh

Don’t worry; I’m sure we can get your clitoral and vaginal nerves in working order very soon! The biggest thing you can do to restore sensation is to remove the presence of scar tissue in the area. Using vibrators causes your body to build this blockage, which in turn causes you to need even more stimulation, which only causes further inflammation. The percussive nature of a vibrator is, to the body, akin the action of being scraped or pounded, and it protects itself by building a “wall” of tissue—scar tissue.

If you’ve ever had a callous, you know how much sensitivity is lessened just in that area. That’s exactly what’s happened to the areas you’ve used your vibrator. But the body, once the irritation stops, easily removes such tissue.

Bruised But Not Broken

The other thing you have to deal with, once you’ve introduced scar tissue into your reproductive area, is the presence of inflammatory prostaglandins. These chemicals are created at the site of injury, and create a bruise response—inflammation and blood vessel constriction. Each time the area is irritated, prostaglandins are created. Over time, the cramping nature of this chemical reduces the ability of the clitoris, labia, and G-Spot to engorge with blood, as they must for proper sexual response.

Take a Break

In order to fully experience sexual sensation, you must also prevent the production of these hormones. For you, this means to resist stimulating yourself for at least a week. This will give your body a chance to recognize that the disturbance has ceased, and to stop production on scar tissue and prostaglandins. The longer you resist the urge to pleasure yourself, the quicker your body will begin processing these noxious inhabitants.

Better, Faster, Stronger

I urge you to consider an herbal tonic to speed this process along. It’s not fair to you that you’re forced to refrain from pleasure, and I want you to begin enjoying erotic stimulation more fully. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Restoration & Sensitivity Enhancement) In your instance, I’m recommending a remedy that features some powerful detoxifiers, as this will help your body most quickly remove the scar tissue and quell the prostaglandin production, whilst filtering out those which already exist. This formula is effective in two aspects: cleansing, and strengthening.

The cleansing mechanism is the detoxification I mentioned; now you must also strengthen your circulation to return full power to your clitoral and vaginal nerves. The more engorged these areas are, the thinner the flesh is between your nerve endings and your fingertips (or whatever you choose to use).

I’m sure that by beginning a new herbal course, you will quickly see results of heightened satisfaction and pleasure. Don’t let this issue stand in the way of your sexual experience forever!

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