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G-Spot Orgasms: What About The Other Letters of The Alphabet?

This study focuses on that elusive G-Spot, why it is and where it is. Learn about one woman’s desire to experience the pleasure of a G-Spot orgasm. Is there help for her and others in the world of natural remedies?

Case #: 498


My orgasms require a very long time to achieve and I am not sure if this is normal. Please help me hit the G-Spot, as I have never been able to locate it, much less experience its intense sensations.


Named after German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who was the first to localize this mysterious spot, the G-spot lies about one to two inches back from the vaginal opening on the same side as the belly button. (If you don’t have a belly button or are unable to locate it, you need more help than this case study can even hope to offer.)

What Is The G-Spot and Why Isn’t It On Any Map?

According to author Marianne Ras, the eternal quest for this small, defined area is as elusive to women as the Mexican treasure of Sierra Madre was to Humphrey Bogart in the movie of the same name. Most women have no idea how to find it. However, one annoying question still lingers: How can a person lose such a thing?

In Ras’s own words: “I asked women I know if they have a G-spot or if they have experienced it. Most say they have…but when I questioned them further, their answers revealed that they have no idea.”

This spot, which is also known as the urethral sponge, is not easy to find, and a GPS is of no use here. It is bean-shaped and about the size of a quarter. Spongy and made up of erectile tissue, it swells as the male prostate gland does when blood rushes to it, and it is sometimes known as the “female prostate.” You will know when you have arrived, however, not because the concierge comes out from behind the desk to greet you and asks for your bags, but rather because it feels rougher to the touch than surrounding tissue.

Finding it requires practice. Due to the fact that the G-spot lies under several layers of tissue, plenty of stimulation is required. Upon contact, many women feel the need to urinate but this soon gives way to intense erotic sensation.

After You Find This Damn Spot, What’s Next?

Knowing where this thing is the first hurdle. After you find it, try applying direct pressure, which will often produce powerful orgasms and sometimes ejaculation (squirting). Take the time to explore, as stimulation levels are different for every woman.

You may need your lover to massage your G-Spot often as part of the foreplay experience. Once you include the G-Spot in the lovemaking process, it is unlikely that the words of Lady Macbeth, “out damn spot,” will ever come out of your mouth!

A formula containing a natural blend of herbs can enhance both the sensitivity of the G-Spot and improve the intensity of orgasm. Each thrust can feel stimulating. Each touch can make you moan and scream with excitement. And sex will never, ever be the same once you find this magical spot.

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