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Why Our Vagina's Become So Loosey Goosey

Learn about the many possibilities that come along with the loosening of a woman's vaginal wall, and what you can do to prevent it.

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I know I am right, I feel like my wife's vagina has become really, really loose. I can't stand it because I feel like it is a waste of time trying to have sex with someone you can't feel. It wasn't loose before and I just want this to go away. She says she has no clue on what to do to tighten her vagina. Is there even anything to do to make her vagina tighter? I want to be able to enjoy sex with my wife and save this marriage.


There are many reasons behind vaginal looseness. Contrary to popular belief, a vigorous sex life is not at the top of the list...And neither is large penis size.

Glass Houses

Some of the main reasons include, but are not limited to; Birth control use, major surgery, age, child birth, and menopause. All of the experiences listed have the ability to cause loosening of the vaginal walls because they each have a hand in damaging the vagina’s neuroendocrine functionality, which could lead to insensitivity. Lost elasticity is also a huge possibility, once the neuroendocrine system has begun to break down.

The Joys Of Motherhood

Unfortunately, even after the most painful of births, women still have to deal with some pretty intense bodily ramifications. The amount of stretching and pulling that the vaginal tissue is put through during child birth may cause permanent damage. When the skin and delicate tissues become severely damaged, it becomes virtually impossible for that particular area of the body to receive vital neural information from the brain. This input alerts the body to create hormones to properly repair the tissue. When human tissue is damaged or disturbed in any way, the body is not able to send the epidermis signals to except the essential hormones that keep the tissues tight and rubber band-like.

Hormonal Rage

Prostaglandin E-1 and E-2 are the hormones that are in charge of maintaining vaginal elasticity and tightness. Without the naturally perfect balance of both, you could run into some loosening troubles. For example, during child birth prostaglandin E-2 is the hormone that enlarges the vaginal opening and cervical canal. At the very same time, your given supply of prostaglandin E-1 is increasing flexibility and elasticity during labor. If an imbalance occurs to either hormone, both the elasticity and tightness of the tissue and muscles will lessen greatly.

It's Time To Work It Out

When dealing with vaginal looseness, I almost always recommend kegel exercises. If you've never done a kegel, it's really quite easy. The next time your find yourself on the toilet, try to control your stream of urine. If you are able to start and stop the flow, then you can kegel with the best of them!

For a more advanced level of tightness, you may also try kegeling with specialized Kegel Balls. (See: Vaginal Looseness Restoration with Kegel Balls) Kegel balls work by being inserted into the vagina. Once inside, kegel balls will improve the pelvic floor muscles.

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