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Unleash Your Inner-Freak – Visual Sex Guides

A man is finally free at last, and out of a crappy marriage. Now he is on the rise in realizing his previously nullified wild side, and is looking for a little bit of help in the process...
Case #:1946

I’m a middle-aged male who has been trapped in a loveless and boring marriage forever (don’t get married!).
Now I’ve finally divorced the she-hag and am on my own…I’m now able to re-discover my pent-up sexual nature and explore new horizons in kinkiness.
What would you suggest for a healthy sexual man who wants to try some freaky fantasizes with my new sex partner? She’s just as freaky as me but I was wondering if there were any guides that we could check out together.

We live in an extremely sexualized modern society these days in which we are constantly bombarded by sexual themes, ads, and information. Sex sells; the bloated advertising industry is quite keen to this, and as result of looser regulations around what ad companies are allowed to portray.
Sex is everywhere
Just the other day I was driving down the street and I saw an ad board raised off to the side of the road, which featured a scrawny male model with his abdominals exposed and the fly on his jeans unzipped halfway down. An anemic looking female model (who looked underage) had one of her hands placed on said male model’s lower stomach with her fingers pointing downward toward his partially opened fly.
After I snickered at the silliness of what I’d just witnessed, I pondered it more seriously. I couldn’t imagine such a depraved ad being shown in the 1950s when things were more innocent and tame, and more was left up to the imagination.
We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Heck, I’m not saying I’m any sort of saint at all. Quite to the contrary, I have my own sexual fantasies just like everyone including you, the reader does. My own fantasies range from something which would probably be safe enough to see in a Rated R movie, to a few that (ahem)…well, could possibly make Caligula blush. Not that I’ll be sharing any of those with you (no way!).
But seriously, we live in great times because there is more information available now than there ever has been before. Along with the looser restrictions on sexual content and media, as well as more tolerant attitudes in relation to sex, people have a lot of options these dayd, if they are interested in doing sexual stuff that is a little off the beaten path.
So what exactly am I beating around the bush (so to speak) about? Let’s find out...
Taking Off the Leash

Thankfully, there are visual guides available to people who are thinking about incorporating a kinkier slant into their sex lives. (SEE: Visual Guide for Enhanced Sexual Fantasies) These guides are extremely eye-opening, and after watching one a person can go to formerly feeling as if he or she was a sexual deviant, to being more confident in one’s fantasies, since these aids explore many things.
Male anal play, different freaky positions, sensitive spots of the male/female anatomy, safe and effective ways to do anal sex, testing the outer limits of pain and pleasure, etc., there is a wealth of information which is presented in a fun and easy-to-follow manner within these DVDs.
With the help of these guides, a person wanting to take a walk on the wild side can explore and ultimately actualize their sexual fantasies and fetishes in an efficient and effective (and fun!) manner. So say goodbye to a stale sex life and hello to your inner freaky beast!

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