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Bridging the Gap from Orgasm Starved to Orgasm At Large

A young woman has had a few partners, but only one orgasm. Why is she unable to reach an orgasm despite the efforts of her partners?

Case #: 538


I’m a responsible, sexually active female in my early twenties. I have had a few boyfriends. I think about sex, read about it, and I am responsible about my birth control pills. Despite this wealth of knowledge, I cannot experience an orgasm-- not with a partner, a vibrator or any other fingering techniques.

Sometimes, I have a little more feeling with sensitizing creams, but not necessarily what people describe as this “earth-shaking” orgasm. I do not believe it is in my head …as I am ready to go! Is there something wrong with my body?

Am I really such a puzzle? Why is my vagina not as sensitive to touch? Please help me.


What is the Root Cause of all This?

So this young woman sounds like she’s got it all under control. She’s well read, well researched, responsible and loves the adventure of sex. The puzzle is why she is not “feeling” much with all her knowledge, technique and lovers?

First of all, let’s define an orgasm. An orgasm for women is waves of involuntary muscle contractions that create pleasure near their pelvic region. Usually there are four steps to the cycle of pleasure: getting excited, the plateau of an orgasm, the orgasm itself, and the resolution or recovery.

Now back to our lady friend.

She has used sensitizing cream to enhance her pleasure, so maybe she can feel a little bit of something. Let’s look a little deeper. Why only a little bit? This responsible woman is packing protection with birth control.

Birth Control: Modern Methods, Undesired Side Effects?

Birth control is there to manipulate hormones. Women on birth control cannot achieve an internal environment conducive to carrying a child. Birth control, instead, puts a limit on how much testosterone a female body experiences. Testosterone works with acetylcholine to get our nerve receptors working in right order. If birth control stops the receptors from receiving, a woman will feel less.

A woman’s body has its own natural levels of hormones. Birth control, however wonderful for a preventative birth, is also putting the body in its own balancing act of pre-conditioned hormones. A woman’s body needs a sufficient amount of hormones to be in balance. Hormones can flow through the body’s system effectively with good circulation.

Pleasure Technique

The female body needs to relaxed and the blood must circulate to every part of her body to make sure those nerves are awake. The Finger Plier Screwing Technique is a great way to get relaxed, start circulating the blood and a great way to “get off.”

Natural Boost

If this seems to be a little intimidating or not quite the thing for you, another natural way to relax the body is with a remedy to boost natural clitoral revitalization. With this remedy, the nerves will be revived by reducing inflammation around the clitoris, encouraging proper circulation, and delivering nutrients to your nerve receptors to keep them receiving messages of pleasure.

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