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Dropping Desire With Vaginal Dryness

A young woman has lost her interest in sex, and is having issues with vaginal dryness. What factors could be causing this situation and what can she do to regain her sexuality?

Case #: 522


Hello. I'm 26 and have been real uninterested in sex lately. I usually really enjoy sex but not for the last few months. I notice I've been having vaginal dryness too. What do you think?


It sounds to me like your hormones have gotten out of whack somehow. Estrogen is responsible for both of the issues you’ve mentioned: vaginal dryness and desire for sex, so for you to be experiencing those problems simultaneously signals to me that your estrogen levels have dropped off for some reason. Many things can influence estrogen levels: diet, exercise, stress, some medications, some diseases (such as Type 1 Diabetes), or recreational drug use. Secondly, a low libido is linked to low testosterone levels in both men and women, and not many non-medical issues have an effect on testosterone levels, but they do diminish naturally over time in women.

What’s Your Trigger?

You need to consider what in your lifestyle might be causing this change to your estrogen levels. Did you recently begin dieting or working out? Did you begin a new course of medication? Did you start a new job, start dating, or, conversely, is your relationship a source of stress for you?

Low estrogen levels can cause others symptoms as well, so if you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it’s also related to hormonal fluctuations.

Many of the symptoms we’re familiar with from hearing them from our mother’s are reflections of lowered estrogen levels. Hot flashes, night sweats, aching joints, weight gain, panic attacks, headaches, fatigue, and “brain fog” are all linked to low estrogen in women. Osteoporosis is a side effect of low estrogen levels, which is why post-menopausal women are at such a high risk of broken bones. Who knew it had such an effect on your whole body?

The Helpful Hormone

While testosterone is usually thought of as a male hormone, females need it too! Testosterone gives motivation and assertiveness, as well as a healthy sex drive. Physiologically, testosterone controls muscle building, keeps skin and bones healthy, and helps ensure strong, clean blood vessels.

Testosterone levels for females peak in their early twenties, and slowly drop off after that. It’s not abnormal that at 26, you’re feeling less arousal and desire than you did at 21. If your levels were tested and found to be clinically low, you could be given testosterone replacement.

However, women who take testosterone replacement and do not have clinically low levels of testosterone can inadvertently give themselves facial hair, acne, and disrupt fat displacement on their bodies, resulting in the loss of a feminine shape.

Relax and Rebalance

So, your estrogen levels are in flux. Once you find out the culprit, I’m sure you’ll regain your natural lubrication. And, since your testosterone levels are slightly lower than they have been in probably your entire sexual experience, you feel like you’re not interested in sex. It’s likely that because you’re accustomed to a high level of desire, this new lessened need for sex seems like you’ve stopped craving it entirely.

I assure you, you still have a healthy sex drive, it’s just not the sex drive of a twenty-year-old. If you’re truly concerned about what’s causing low estrogen levels, you should have a hormone workup done by a medical professional, just to rule out any underlying causes, such as ovarian cancer. I recommend this herbal tonic to reset your systems, as it were, and hopefully start you on your way to a more comfortable sex life.

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