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Menopause, Hysterectomies and Low Sex Drive: The Joys of Aging

This case study concerns how one 46-year-old woman’s sex drive has been affected by a hysterectomy even though her ovaries were not removed. Can this happen to you? If so, can you do anything about it?

Case #: 511


For me, going through menopause can be compared to riding on an express train that has no brakes. Fluctuating hormones create weird sensations that make me feel as if my body has been invaded by aliens. This used to be my body, but now it is an imposter, whose fate lies in the fickle hands of nature’s eminent domain; namely the aging process.

I had a hysterectomy at the tender age of 39, and my libido has not only run away without me, it has eloped with the estrogen that used to propel my sex drive. Even though my ovaries were left intact, coupled with the drop in testosterone levels, I, at the age of 46, have no desire for sex. Is there hope for me and a future including joyful sexual interaction?


A hysterectomy can and often does affect women this way, as lower levels of estrogen often cause vaginal dryness because the blood supply becomes drastically reduced. This translates into a lack of arousal and very uncomfortable intercourse.

Why do hormones run amuck and where do they go?

In their own unique way, hormones are like rebellious teenagers who can’t get the car keys and decide to get even and wreak havoc just because…well, whatever. After a hysterectomy, hormone production either stops completely or slows down abruptly, and women experience “surgical menopause,” which is particularly dramatic if ovaries have been removed.

After taking it out, many women don’t want to take it all off

Whether the surgery has been by choice or necessity, it is estimated that over 30% of women who have had hysterectomies have experienced a decreased sex drive in the weeks following the operation.

A decrease in estrogen can be the cause of several other rather unpleasant conditions ranging from low sex drive, fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes and mood swings to weight gain and digestive issues. In addition, hormonal imbalance can deeply affect self-esteem and make a woman feel absolutely miserable about a perceived loss of femininity and sex appeal.

Does hope spring, if not eternal, at least once in a while?

A hysterectomy does not mean the end of your sex life. Like everything else, occurrences are ripples, changes that close one door either physically or literally, and open another. A healthy libido is in reach, and there are options available to help recover your sex drive.

Speak to your doctor first and then consider a herbal blend that works to restore hormonal balance, reverse aging and reduce menopausal symptoms.

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