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Do Birth Control Pills Affect Orgasms?

I have not had an orgasm since I started having sex at 16.(I'm 24 and married) I've had a leap (partial cervix removed) and I'm on birth control pills, a four year habit.

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I have not had an orgasm since I started having sex at 17. I'm 26 now and married. I've had a ‘leap’ (partial cervix removal) and I've been on birth control pills for four years. Could the leap have any effect on my sex life?


Sorry to hear of your problem. Partial removal of the cervix may not be the cause of your problem; it may depend on the depth of the cut extending into the sexual pleasure epicenter. It’s not likely the surgeon had removed your autorhythmic fibers (known as the Orgasmic Pacemaker) as that’s quote uncommon.

Most likely, your orgasmic disorder does result from the pill. Birth control medications mask the ovarian function and flood your body with excessive estrogen that thicken your vaginal lining and chills your G-spot and sexual pleasure epicenter nerves. This action is due to insufficient testosterone and finally quenches the secretion of the orgasm hormone, oxytocin. In other words, you can be very wet, yet unable produce enough sexual impulses that are needed for orgasm.

You may also need a high stimulation speed and pressure to simultaneously act on your G-spot and clitoral base. To test your orgasmic response, ask your husband to apply the Finger Plier Method and take Botanical Formula For Detoxify & Intensify Orgasm formula to expel out birth control metabolite residues and re-initiate your sex organs.

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Lydia Sun
11/19/2023 5:45:00 PM
This is the reason I stopped taking a certain brand of birth control pills. They made me lose my sex drive right away and I immediately stopped use and moved to another brand. Once again, it helped me out right away. Be careful when choosing birth control pills because some might not be right for you.

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