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Like a Foul Ball on Game Day, Her Vaginal Odor is Outside the Bounds of Normal

Believing she suffers bacterial vaginosis, this woman describes her vaginal discharge as clear and sticky. While this sounds perfectly normal, the odor coming from her nether region does not. She says it is fishy, which suggests BV but may also be the result of diet, hygiene practices or routine hormone fluctuations.

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I don’t know if the vaginal discharge I have been experiencing is normal or if I could have bacterial vaginosis. The discharge is clear, milky and sticky but has no odors. On the outside of my vagina, the discharge sticks and has a fishy odor. Is this considered normal?


Feminine odor is an embarrassing topic – both to discuss and manage. But the vagina does emit a naturally musky fragrance that does not reflect unseemly behavior. It is simply the nature of the vagina, which contains numerous colonies of microorganisms that maintain its delicate health. On top of these bacteria, the vagina is at the mercy of ever-changing hormones. Both factors, in conjunction with the foods you eat and hygiene you practice, influence the way the vagina smells.

The Weird and Wonderful Vagina

As already said, some odor from the vagina is normal. This can range during a woman’s 28-day menstrual cycle from slightly fishy to earthy to metallic. The explanation can be found in hormones, which fluctuate from the beginning of the cycle to the end. Most women notice the fishy smell arrives on the heels of menstruation; the likely cause is a drop in estrogen, which promotes the growth of healthy flora in the vagina. Without that hormone, unhealthy flora – yes, they also inhabit the vagina – can grow in number and create an unpleasant odor.

In addition to odd smells, some vaginal discharge is also completely normal. In fact, this fluid is usually a sign of health. It helps expel dead skin cells, toxins, bacteria, and tissues from the vagina. It, too, is largely controlled by estrogen, which explains why discharge becomes thicker and more elastic during ovulation. This is the time when hormone levels soar, and with this increase comes a greater quantity of discharge.

Discerning Between Normal and Abnormal

Not all odors and discharges, however, are normal. A strong fishy smell can suggest bacterial vaginosis (BV), which the Mayo Clinic tells us is the most common cause of vaginal odor. Unlike a yeast infection – caused by an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina – BV is a condition. It is the result of bad bacteria usurping the good.

How does this happen, you might ask. Again, hormones play a big part. This is why women are particularly susceptible to BV during their periods, when estrogen levels are low and the presence of blood disrupts the vagina’s normally acidic environment. In fact, blood is the opposite of acidic and can contribute to rapid growth of unhealthy flora. Hormone levels can also be influenced by oral contraceptives, which introduce synthetic blends of estrogen and progesterone to the body.

Another trigger of BV is sexual intercourse. This event presents a host of unusual organisms to the vagina, which explains why women who have multiple sex partners are at greater risk of developing BV. But in still other cases, this condition is the result of low immunity in which bad flora easily colonizes the vagina.

When speaking of normal versus abnormal, other signs to watch for include gray, green or yellow discharge; itching; and soreness. Sticky and odorless discharge usually suggests ovulation. Discharge that is clear or white is also normal.

Getting to the Root of Vaginal Odor

BV is not the only cause of foul vaginal odor. Lifestyle choices like smoking and wearing tight underwear also contribute. Avoid both and also change out of wet clothing immediately. Use simple water and irritant-free soap to wash, and take care if you shave your lady parts. This popular practice can irritate the vagina and contribute to odor.

Knowing the source of your vaginal odor does not necessarily eliminate it. Hence, you need an all-natural herbal formula designed specifically for women. (TRY: Natural Formula for Vaginal Odor Relief) Blended with such beneficial ingredients as Pumpkin Seed and Yumberry, the formula improves blood flow to the vagina and stimulates healthy tissue growth. It also stops unpleasant odor and reduces unsightly discharge.

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