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Is Bigger Really Better For A Clitoris?

Is your clitoris nowhere to be found? Learn how to bring it back with a vengeance.
Case #:1813

I am a forty-eight year-old woman who needs a little direction as to what to purchase. I am interested in enlarging my clitoris. Because of my age, it has actually shrunk to some degree—even my vaginal tightness has caused some sexual dissatisfaction.

It is no secret to women that, as we grow older our bodies go through a noticeable shift. Our energy levels drop, our estrogen levels drop, and sometimes our sensitivity levels drop too. It is unfortunate, but not the end of the world. The reason why we reach a point where we are simply unable to achieve sexual satisfaction is because of a certain type of shrinkage that has a tendency to occur in the clitoris.
As Time Goes By

However, the clitoral tissue reaches far deeper into the pelvic area than one may realize, no matter how old we are. We are only able to see the tip, sort of like a sexy little iceberg.
Take A Look

I would advise any woman who is feeling confused about what's really going on down there to take a look for themselves. You can learn a lot from just the color of the inside of the vagina. It will actually indicate what stage of life you are in. Women under the age of forty will typically have a vagina that is a dark pink in color. As we age, this color will fade to a much lighter hue. Once all traces of pink have dissipated, it means that menopause has occurred.
This is also an indication that the once strong ironed vaginal walls are now a bit more fragile and more prone to tearing. I would assume that this is where your sexual dissatisfaction with your “vaginal tightness,” stems from.
The Female Hero

When a woman enters the final change in life, it occurs because of the significant decline of the female sex hormone, estrogen. We all know what a crucial hormone estrogen is to a woman, but did you know we also need a certain amount of testosterone too? Both the clitoris and G-spot contain DHT receptors. These receptors control things like erection and clitoral sensitivity. In order to stimulate these receptors once again you will need to heat things up a bit. You may achieve the level of friction needed through the Finger Pliers method. The pleasurable pliers method is sure to get the vaginal blood circulation flowing.
The heat will enable the skin's endocrine system to produce an acceptable amount of testosterone, DHT, and neurotransmitters. This new production will restore your clitoris to its original size. It will also increase the amount of pleasure that your clitoris and G-spot are able to feel.

What to do

Finger Plier Screwing Technique

A method of pleasure with your hands that you do not want to miss. Give it a try on your partner and she will love you for it.

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