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I Thought My Cramps Would End With My Period!

Woman has experienced cramping immediately post-orgasm. She has also not had her period in some time, although she doesn’t believe herself to be pregnant. She believes she is incapable of conceiving due to her age and history of infertility. What is the reason for her painful cramps and what can she do about it?
Case #: 1372

I have painful orgasms with cramping. The orgasms hurt slightly and then there is cramping that lasts a minute or less. The cramping sometimes makes me nauseous. The painful orgasms and cramping is relatively new. I have not had my period since the end of July; however, I do not believe that I am pregnant because of my age and because I have tried since the year 2000 to become pregnant but without success. I do not believe I am capable of conceiving. The painful orgasms and cramping are making sex less enjoyable. Is there any reason or reasons for the symptoms I have described? Alternatively, are there any additional websites I can research about these symptoms? Please respond if you can. Thanks.

I’m surprised that you, with your fertility difficulties, compounded by this horrible cramping, have not sought the attention of a doctor. I have an idea of what the problem is, but to insure that my theory is correct, you will require an ultrasound administered by a doctor. Even if you don’t have health insurance, you can still go to a free clinic such as Planned Parenthood and receive treatment. You can even walk right in, without any appointment! Your health is the most important thing, and you need to take care of it.
What’s Wrong with Me?

That being said, I’m afraid you’ve developed uterine fibroids. The symptoms you describe—terrific pain post-orgasm and infertility—are definite indicators of this condition. Not only that, but the incidence of fibroids increases with age—another marker for you.
How Did This Happen?

Uterine fibroids are benign growths that occur inside the uterus. They almost never develop into cancer, and usually don’t cause side effects, but when they do, the side effects are the ones you mention. There is no true treatment for them besides surgical removal, although they do seem to change shape and size of their own accord—due to the changing shape of the uterus, or from hormonal fluctuations.
Estrogen levels directly influence fibroid size, as the fibroids are essentially imbedded in the vaginal tissues. Usually, as estrogen levels decrease, so does the size of the fibroids, and the pain associated with them diminish, so there’s hope for you yet! If you have ended menstruation, it seems likely that you have hit menopause, and thus that your estrogen levels will begin to decrease, if they haven’t already.
It could also be that your estrogen has already begun to decrease, and in doing so has changed the shape of your uterus—as well as the rest of your reproductive organs, causing you to feel pain from fibroids you might not have noticed whilst your uterus was in it’s full, healthy, procreative state.
What Can I Do?

Eating leafy greens, and avoiding red meat and alcohol seems to diminish the incidence of fibroids. Aside from that, natural methods for fighting fibroids and fibroid pain involve detoxifying the body of inflammatory pain hormones, and strengthening and rejuvenating the uterine and vaginal tissue to be less irritated by the presence of the fibroids.
With this in mind, I suggest beginning an herbal supplement designed to help with intercourse pain. This tincture contains herbs that are beneficial to the entire feminine reproductive system—such as Dong Quai and Bupleurum, and contains as well as Peppermint and Licorice, which are strong soothers. (TRY: Herbal Tincture for Intercourse Pain) I hope that you can find relief for your post-orgasm pains, and I hope that you see a doctor, just to ease my mind, if not your own!

What to do

Herbal Tincture For Intercourse Pain

Sure, your man might feel some sense of selfish and delusional pride at the thought of causing you pain during intercourse. But you know it’s often not at all about the size of his penis, but rather a deeper cause related to your physical makeup...

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