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This Cougar Isn’t Tight or Wet Enough for Her Liking

At 55 years old, she still enjoys sex – especially with a lover 12 years her junior. But she can’t feel his penis inside because she’s so loose. She also suffers from vaginal dryness. Can these effects of time be reversed?

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Hello, I am a 55-year-old woman, and the love of my life is 43 years old. Every time we make love, I can’t feel his penis inside me. I feel like I am really loose, which is why I can’t feel him. Sometimes I am also really dry, and we have to use lubricant. Is there any reason why my vagina is so loose and it sometimes is not lubricated naturally? I need some help. Please, any information will help a lot.


The side effects of age are well-known among women: wrinkles, weight gain, muscle loss, thinning hair, and brittle bones, just to name a few. But another common affliction needs to be included in this list: vaginal looseness. This term is not reserved for women who have had multiple sex partners or enjoy one position over another. It is instead a condition that affects all females with time. You can’t avoid it, but neither do you have to live with it.

Age and Its Impact on the Vagina

Unlike the skin on your face or chest, the vagina does not change as a result of gravity. It instead relies on hormones to remain tight and youthful. Estrogen is especially important - it helps the body produce lubrication that keeps vaginal walls moist and also maintains the acidic environment necessary for vaginal health. Perhaps most important to your particular complaint, estrogen maintains elasticity in vaginal walls.

The vagina was designed to expand and contract when necessary. It can stretch during intercourse and childbirth without losing its ordinary shape. Of course, multiple childbirths fatigue the muscles until they do lose their elasticity, but otherwise the vagina is strong enough to remain firm and tight.

A drop in estrogen during a woman’s later years, however, markedly changes vaginal muscles. They become thin and lose their suppleness. This equates to the vaginal looseness that keeps you from “feeling” your lover’s penis during sex. A loss of muscle tone further means the two of you cannot create that pleasurable sense of friction that leads to orgasm. It’s not unusual for some women to even experience pain and burning with sex because their vaginas and surrounding tissues are so brittle.

The Loss of Natural Lubrication

As already explained, estrogen helps promote natural lubrication in the body by stimulating blood flow to the genitals. That flow is crucial to the production of fluids. A decline in estrogen therefore means less effective blood flow, which directly means less lubrication.

Without vaginal secretions, this organ becomes dry and loses sensation. Sometimes the vagina and its opening even become narrower. Such changes impede sex, an act that demands the vagina be strong and moist. Pleasure is further reduced when a lack of lubrication keeps your partner from gliding in and out during penetration.

Engaging in dry intercourse can cause your skin to tear and bleed. It also increases your susceptibility to infections – lubrication leads to discharge that removes harmful bacteria, dead skin cells and toxins from the body. Keeping the vagina moist is therefore crucial to your health. You can naturally improve vaginal secretions by drinking plenty of water every day. This will keep tissues and organs hydrated and flush out pollutants. Also try over-the-counter lubricants to protect your skin from damage during intercourse.

Don’t Compromise Your Satisfaction

At your age, you don’t have to settle for less than what you want. You can combat the effects of time and engage in sex that far surpasses what you knew in your youth. The key is an herbal remedy blended to tighten vaginal muscles and improve blood flow to the genitals. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Vaginal Looseness Restoration) This multi-functional remedy also repairs damaged tissues and helps balance hormones. You’ll be tighter and wetter for the best intercourse of your life.

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