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Experience Double Vision For Several Minutes After Masturbation With Massager

She has masturbated with a massager almost all of her life. Now, after doing this several times a week, she’s starting to have trouble with reaching climax. When she does orgasm, she occasionally experiences double vision afterward.

Case #: 586


I am not doing anything differently than I have done practically my whole life – masturbating with a massager several times a week. However, I’ve noticed sometimes if the orgasm takes too long to kick in, and I keep the massager pressed against my clitoris, eventually I do orgasm but then experience double vision for several minutes afterwards. This is not a common experience – maybe one time every month – but it is very scary. I would appreciate an answer for why this is happening and some help. Until I found your online articles, I was thinking I had something a lot more serious.


The health benefits of masturbation are touted by many news sources. It releases tension, promotes self-confidence and even allows you to explore your own body. But as with all things in life, too much can be harmful, and this is what you’re experiencing - the negative side-effects of over masturbation, which include hair loss, fatigue and double vision. Men and women alike can suffer from this condition, which afflicts more people than you might think.

Tying Over Masturbation to Desensitization

People don’t often discuss masturbation, and when they do, the topic typically focuses on sexually charged men who endlessly pleasure themselves. It is important to remember, however, that masturbating is a natural and healthy event for people of many different cultures and age groups. It’s not something to be ashamed of…after all, doesn’t everybody like to feel good?

Pundits describe over masturbation as reaching climax several times per day, but each person is different and should not be held to averages or standards. You masturbate several times a week, and this level of frequency coupled with the stimulation of a massager has led you to desensitization. This is why it takes you increasingly longer to reach climax – the nerves in your clitoris are over stimulated.

The addictive pleasure that comes from sex is another factor you must consider. Desensitization is a result of addiction, in which you continually engage in the same act to achieve the same satisfaction. You are forcing yourself to reach orgasm even as your body is unable to respond in the way it once did. It’s time to give yourself a break - stop focusing on sex and orgasm and find other activities that you enjoy.

Sex and Hormones

Sex might seem like a process that takes place only in the sex organs, but it doesn’t – the brain is highly involved as well. In fact, you become sexually aroused when the brain releases certain hormones and neurotransmitters. The problem is that one of these hormones, progesterone, can activate the body’s release of cortisol. While no neurochemical or hormone is bad, high levels of cortisol can yield negative side effects like exhaustion and vision problems. Hence, over masturbation is responsible for your double vision.

Repairing the Damage

Now that you know the cause of your blurred vision – over masturbation – you can take steps to correct it. As previously said, give yourself some time and stop using the massager. You can also take a botanical remedy to repair damaged tissue on and around your clitoris (see: Botanical Remedy for Clitoral & Vaginal Repair). Botanical or herbal remedies are the result of ancient medical practices in which doctors historically studied the health benefits of certain plants. When used effectively, these remedies safely and effectively promote well-being.

The herbal formula you’ll want is one with ingredients like Catauba, Cornus and Pyrol. These have shown to increase blood flow to sex organs, which will improve sensitivity, restore damaged nerves and rejuvenate tissues. In short, an herbal remedy will once more help you find enjoyment in moderate masturbation.

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