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Does High Blood Pressure Medication Have Anything To Do With My Boyfriend's PE?

I can’t seem to relax enough to have an orgasm with my boyfriend. We foreplay and when he goes in, he gets so excited that he comes real quick. And I haven’t.

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My problem is I can't seem to relax enough to have an orgasm with my boyfriend. We have foreplay and when he puts it in, he gets so excited that he cums right away, before I even have a chance to. I’d get pissed, but here’s the thing – he’s on high blood pressure medication. I was wondering if that’s the cause of this. I don’t want the guy to have a heart attack because he screwed for a whole three minutes. I do get some pleasure during intercourse, but not the big ‘O’.


Many high blood pressure medications do affect sexual performance. It disrupts the balance and production of many critical hormones and amino acids, such as L-arginine, Choline, DHEA, Folic Acid, B-2, B-5, B-6 and B-12.

Nitric Oxide (NO) contains important molecules that play a vital role in both cardiovascular health and erection quality. Nitric oxide relaxes the heart muscle and blood vessels to achieve regulation of the blood pressure. DHEA hormones can promote the parasympathetic nervous function and allow the body to handle more stress without triggering the Kidney’s Renin-release mechanism that increases blood pressure.

Promoting the parasympathetic function and regulating blood pressure will help him power up and hold his erection during a sex. This is the only way to combat premature ejaculation among men with high-blood pressure. I think you have the capacity to be fully orgasmic. Solving his problem by giving him herbs from SOS Formula will help you to experience an orgasm.

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