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Sex With Her Creates A Challenge After Cocaine Abuse

sex with her creates a challenge for me because I cannot maintain an erection long enough to fulfill her

Case #: 420


As a man in my twenties, I like to go out, party and have fun with my friends. Recently, I have been partying a bit too much, and I have even started experimenting with recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine. I even met a great girl at one of these parties. She continues to showcase the qualities of a wonderful woman—fun, affectionate and a high sex drive.

However, sex with her creates a challenge for me because I cannot maintain an erection long enough to fulfill her. This has never happened to me before and the issue continues to prove difficult in this new relationship. I wish there were just a magic wand to wave and cure me of my problems. Please, what’s wrong with me?


In 2011, Charlie Sheen vilified his CBS bosses, going off on multiple social media tirades. He professed to being a “warlock” and viewed himself as the reason why individuals still watched “Two and Half Men.” Many individuals speculated that Sheen may have indeed been under the influence of cocaine, an addiction he battled for years.

While Sheen has found new success on different networks and shows, his tirades proved yet again the dangers cocaine abuse has on the mind. The use of this powerful narcotic can lead to addiction and sometimes death—look at Whitney Houston.

Cocaine continues as a dangerous drug not because of its addictive nature, but because of the damage it creates to the mind and sex drive. While most people view cocaine as an enhancer for their sex lives, the drug produces an ineffectual outcome—impotence. Long-term use of cocaine, especially can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Drug Abuse. Mind Deterioration. Erectile Dysfunction.

Sheen proved that cocaine addiction, especially as a revered celebrity, can make for an insidious drug. And for most cocaine users, the drug can start to damage the nervous system, tricking the body into thinking it contains more dopamine than necessary.

When abused, cocaine can elevate dopamine to such high levels that the mind requires more of it to experience the same effects. As abuse continues, cocaine suppresses the levels of neurotransmitters, such as acetylcholine and nitric oxide that decreases blood flow through the body and results in erectile dysfunction.

Getting Help

If you are using cocaine and experiencing erectile dysfunction, you need to quit. Consult experts. Visit with friends and family. And try to make a conscious effort to quit. The longer you abuse the drug, the further you damage your body. Men who quit often experience long-term side effects caused by the drug.

Because cocaine use damages the nervous system, it could take years to restore the body to its natural state. Fortunately, herbal remedies can restore the proper balance of nitric oxide, acetylcholine and dopamine while eliminating the toxic residue created by the drug.

Herbs such as:

Turmeric Root and Milk Thistle cleanse and detoxify the body while reversing the damage cocaine causes on the body.

Maca and Cynomorium both can increase the libido of both men and women. And Maca can increase sex drive, but also sperm count.

Several scientific clinical trials performed at Massachusetts General Hospital proved that daily consumption of 2,400 mg of Maca drastically improves sexual appetite, sexual function, and overall sexual satisfaction in men.

The daily consumption of herbal remedies such as Turmeric Root, Milk Thistle, Maca and Cynomorium reduce the effects and damage of cocaine use. In addition the consumption of these herbal products can erase erectile dysfunction while revitalizing your sex life.

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