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I Have Reduced My Diabetic Medication, But I Still Can't Have A Good Erection Hard Enough To Have Intercourses

Misadventures from a mis-spent youth, coupled with type II diabetes and high blood pressure, have taken their toll on this guy. He's trying to get his act together: he's kept the drugs and alcohol under control for years, improved his diet, and adjusted his diabetes medication with the support of his girlfriend. However, his erection has only partially returned. Read on to understand his problem, and how you might be able to learn from his mistakes.

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I'm type II diabetes and have high blood pressure. Some years ago I had an alcohol and drug abuse problem. In those days I could masturbate for hours with a super hard erection (combination of erectile drugs and methamphatime.) I have been free of drug and alcohol abuse for almost six years.

I had an ok (not great or super) erection for a few months after my diabetes medication was increased. I read that insulin overdose causes erectile dysfunction so I have found ways to reduce medication. I still I cannot have a good erection hard enough to have intercourse.

In the last month I've been taking a lot of omega-3 and omega-6 with arginine and tribulus with erectile drugs and still not a good hard erection, more like a half or two thirds erection that does not last. Although this has been an improvement.

I do fear losing my attractive girlfriend. She has gotten tired of masturbating. She is not very creative sexually so I wonder if there is a psychological factor.

My diet is good now so that's not a problem. I'm not happy with work. Can this cause impotence?

Will abstinence help (from masturbation)? How long abstinence?

Also, I stopped exercising. Will my erection and libido improve with exercise?


Diabetes. Drug/alcohol abuse. Stress. Lack of exercise. Excessive masturbation. Any one of these “enemies” would be bad enough, but with the combination ganging up on you, it's impressive that you're achieving any kind of erection at all. So let's split them up.

The Nature Of The Biggest Part Of The Problem

Type II Diabetes causes many problems with erections, mostly due to insufficient nitrous oxide in the bloodstream. Functionally, this means that the penile veins can't close off, which is a lot like damage to the air valve in your tires: if the valves won't close properly, then you have tires that won't do their job.

Multiple Enemies Against One Hero
Similarly, you may have damage to nerves throughout your body, but especially the ones in your genitals; if they aren't functioning properly during all the stages of sex, the process malfunctions and leaves you and your partner dissatisfied. Fortunately, because the problem is so specific, an herbal remedy is available for it.

Fear Is The Erection-Killer

Worry about losing your erections, and your girlfriend with them, can weaken your erection. One of the things you can do is involve your girlfriend in the process of recovery. Aside from encouraging her to help you with the details, let her know that you are taking an appropriate herbal remedy.

Rest, Recharge, Renew

For most guys, our bodies just aren't set up for multiple orgasms on a daily basis. You may need more time than some guys and less than others, but you do need to disengage from your partner (or reduce masturbation down to once a day or less for a couple of weeks) and recover, which means refilling your body's supply of vitamins and other important nutrients.

You may want to try an herbal supplement (SEE: Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes) that contains a broader range of herbs specifically intended to help restore your penis to full functionality.

An appropriate exercise regimen boosts your libido, your stamina, your sex drive and your confidence. Plus, a well-toned body is a visual and sensual treat for your partner, as well as more likely to perform at higher levels. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but remember: sex felt the same way, didn't it? And how do you feel about that now?

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