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The Trouble with Testicles – Kidney Pain Associated with Testicular Troubles

A 75-year-old man who is otherwise healthy is experiencing pain in his back, knees and kidneys during sex.

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I am 75 years old and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. I swim and bike on a regular basis to stay in shape and am happy to say that I also engage in sexual activity. I can move pretty well for an elderly man but despite my vigor. I often suffer from some frustrating aches and pains during sex. I often experience pain in my knees, lower back, testicles, and kidneys. While the knee and back pain are annoying, it is the kidney pain that has me concerned. It is so bad that I can barely stand it sometimes right after ejaculation. What is the cause of this pain and how can I alleviate it?


The cause of your back and kidney pain is caused by sexual exhaustion (some called it: over ejaculation or masturbation).

Excessive masturbation can lead to sexual exhaustion, causing inflammation in your prostate and testicles. During fetal development, the kidney, stomach and testicles are created from the same embryonic layer. Although the organs separate later in development, they are still connected by nerves. When your testicles or prostate become inflamed or swollen, the pain can spread to other parts of your body, including other organs, resulting in the pain you feel in your lower back and kidneys. [Read More]

Prostate Exhaustion Can Lead To Lower Back and Kidney Pain

The most common cause of testicular swelling is an exhausted prostate. When you ejaculate, hormones are released in your body. If you ejaculate too often, the hormones become imbalanced. This imbalance can cause the prostate to become inflamed and painful. You may feel the pain in your prostate or in other areas of your body.

Over 50 percent of men will experience some type of prostate inflammation or pain in their lifetime. As you age, your prostate becomes more vulnerable to hormone imbalances and swelling. Excessive masturbation is the most common cause of prostate exhaustion. Even if you no longer masturbate excessively, doing so in the past may have caused the pain and problems you are experiencing now.

Natural Pain Relief

By living an active lifestyle you are already taking the necessary steps towards healing your exhausted prostate and avoiding hormone imbalances in the future. You should also eat a healthy diet that is full of fiber and protein.

If you are masturbating often, cut back or even stop for a period of time to allow your hormones a chance to balance themselves. Once your pain is gone and you are feeling better, it is safe to masturbate as long as you are not doing it excessively.

There are also many herbal supplements that can help your body heal faster and restore your hormones to an appropriate level. Once your hormone levels are balanced, the swelling in your prostate will go away and so should your back and kidney pain.

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