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Race to the Finish Line – Is PE Killing Your Sex Life?

Her sex life was floundering because her man couldn't keep it going for more than a few minutes. Is premature ejaculation killing your intimacy as well? Learn how you can take control.

Case #: 1759


How can I make my guy last longer in bed? Whenever we have sex everything seems to be going good and then I get on the verge of coming and he ends up finishing. I want him to last longer so that we can both get the ultimate satisfaction out of sex. Are there any tricks or something he can do to help him last longer in bed?


As a child, I loved Aesop's Fables, but there was one in particular that never resonated with me: The Tortoise and the Hare. I mean, come on. Slow and steady wins the race? Tell that to Usain Bolt! In any rational scenario, the rapid-sprinting hare would leave the plodding tortoise in its dust, but your story reminds me that there are situations in life where it's better to take the tortoise approach.

When it comes to sex, slow and steady really does win the race, and the last thing you want is to have a guy who reaches the finish line before you've even completed the first lap. So what can we do about this?

Pinpoint the Cause

First, we need to look at the reasons why your man is unable to keep it going. There are numerous physical, psychological and physiological possibilities here. Does your partner take any prescription drugs? Check the side effects. Does he seem nervous or apprehensive during sex? Talk to him and try to put his mind at ease. Does he masturbate excessively? That's a conversation you'll probably want to approach delicately.

Yes, drug use, anxiety and excessive masturbation can all contribute to premature ejaculation, along with excess caffeine, high blood pressure, prostate enlargement and even thyroid disorders. If you can't pinpoint an obvious behavioral cause, the issue may very well be medical. Or perhaps your beauty is just so earthshaking that no man can possibly hold it together in the presence of your ethereal naked form (or maybe he just needs to stop wanking it so much).

A Simple Recommendation

Unfortunately, it's difficult to recommend the ideal solution without knowing the exact cause, so we'll have to look for the lowest common denominator. In other words, how can we reverse premature ejaculation regardless of whether the problem is due to stress, prostate inflammation, or punishment from an angry deity? The answer is to strengthen the muscles that regulate ejaculation.

Astragalus Complanatus is an herb that strengthens the ejaculation valve, thereby improving a man's ability to manage his flow, so to speak. (SEE: Premature Ejaculation Fighting Astragalus Formula) It's good news for him, but it's especially good news for you. Talk to your partner about taking this unique botanical remedy, or slip it into his cheeseburger when he's not looking. Because we all love doing it like rabbits, but no one wants to do with a hare.

What to do

Fighting P.E. with Astragalus Complanatus

How taking products infused with Astragalus Complanatus can help win the war against premature ejaculation.


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